Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends

Destroy your doubt, face the future.
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Featured artists: Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza
Written by: Alex Seaver of Mako, Riot Music Team and Stevie Aiello
Produced by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
Additional production by: Scott "Noisecastle III" Bruzenak
Verses mixed by: Eric J
Chorus and bridge mixed by: Tony Maserati
Additional mixing on chorus and bridge by: Alex Seaver of Mako
Mastered by: Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman
Vocals performed by: Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza
Cello solo performed by: Tina Guo
Video created in collaboration with:
Chrissy Costanza appears courtesy of Fueled By Ramen
What are you willing to lose?
You cover your wounds, but underneath them
A million voices in your head that whisper, "Stop, now"
Another twist of the knife, turn of the screws
It's all in your mind and it's fighting you
Arm yourself, a storm is coming
Well, kid...
What you gonna do now?
It's your reflection looking back to pull you down
So are you gonna die today or make it out alive?
You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly
Fly, Phoenix, fly
It's time for a new empire
Go bury your demons then tear down the ceiling
Phoenix, fly
And now you're playing with matches, come out of the ashes
Underneath you, a million voices in the crowd they're screaming, "Stop, now"
Well let 'em swallow their pride, you're turning the tide to true believers
Got them in the palm of your hand, you're playing God now
What you gonna do now?
It's your reflection looking back to pull you down
So are you gonna die today or make it out alive?
You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly
Fly, Phoenix, fly
It's time for a new empire
Go bury your demons then tear down the ceiling
Phoenix, fly


  1. Shreya Gupta

    Shreya GuptaOrë më parë

    That's what you call POWERFUL ⚡⚡

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    Report Karma for leaving her ADC

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    노래 넘 조음

  4. scar

    scar4 orë më parë

    this song is better than their game

  5. Typhlo

    Typhlo7 orë më parë

    tf blade's brain during korea trip :" So are you gonna die today or make it out alive "

  6. Euaggelia Pech

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  7. Liyuan Hou

    Liyuan Hou15 orë më parë

    We are the champion, Phonix fly!

  8. Batman

    Batman19 orë më parë

    League of legends has amazing characters, lore, art work, and music. If only the gameplay was even half as good

  9. Gacha Trooper

    Gacha TrooperDitë më parë

    is that pewdiepie xD

  10. Gacha Trooper

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  11. Kelden Poh

    Kelden PohDitë më parë

    Me: Looks at test paper and realises I can't do a single question My brain: "So are you gonna die today or make it out alive-"

  12. Ahmed Sulieman

    Ahmed SuliemanDitë më parë

    nice thats funny im laughing so hard rn

  13. Grant Kim

    Grant KimDitë më parë

    1:25 미드차이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋ

  14. YADia AG

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    graphics are dope.

  15. Duy Đỗ

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    speed 1.25, that good

  16. CakeQueen}theNAARWALL

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    Great song to have an existential crisis to

  17. John Icephoenix

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    Éo hay

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    1:55 WTF

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  22. NS Daemonak

    NS Daemonak2 ditë më parë

    Balance team - 2/10 Music team - 100/10 LuL

  23. Sky Dom

    Sky Dom2 ditë më parë

    Point of video: *to reduce toxic players* Players: *still don't get it* Riot: W.....T.....F....

  24. Xnemesiz_138

    Xnemesiz_1382 ditë më parë

    Rasengan OML 😱😱😱

  25. Nasim Ali

    Nasim Ali2 ditë më parë

    This is why i never wanted a twin.

  26. Kalel Peza

    Kalel Peza2 ditë më parë

    Se murieron del Coronavirus



    seria la ostia que hicieran un anime

  28. KanoLightRacer 5

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    Vettel vs Leclerc 🏎

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    And the Phoenix did fly

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    Oh My God, a música é maravilhosa, dá até arrepios.

  33. Heart Wave

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    I don’t play league of legends but they make good songs I listen to a lot 🤠🤠😳

  34. meroHSQ

    meroHSQ4 ditë më parë

    Me : listening to this song and getting hyped to rush chall Me in game : 0/12/0 20 cs 13 min

  35. Chuck Lennon

    Chuck Lennon4 ditë më parë

    Just saying, but this song could be interpreted as a fight against depression

  36. Jakub Murcek

    Jakub Murcek4 ditë më parë

    Cant stop listening so iconic 😍😍


    MASTER YI4 ditë më parë

    pau no cu dos gringos XD

  38. Sunset shimmerEGIRL

    Sunset shimmerEGIRL4 ditë më parë

    Una cosa es segura de la cancion y mejor que warrios es

  39. Singleplayer

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    5 Munite Later: Anivia: 0 7 2

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    Where my girl gamers at?? ;-;

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    I dont play LoL, but this is awesome

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    Faker is out of meta now. He be buffed soon. Thats how Riot works

  50. Mazax Da Silva

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    I love this song so much, such an awesome music, still adicted to it 4 months later.

  51. OnE Gamer™

    OnE Gamer™6 ditë më parë

    A energia que essa música trás é surreal!!

  52. El Gato Loco

    El Gato Loco6 ditë më parë

    Belle parole

  53. Kitty unicorn Gaming

    Kitty unicorn Gaming6 ditë më parë

    OMG 😱 ummm I don’t play this game but it’s is so good

  54. Tyrion Lannister

    Tyrion Lannister6 ditë më parë

    I love this universe. Thank you for everything Riot Games.🖤

  55. ZabaTV

    ZabaTV6 ditë më parë

    This video is so much harder to find for some reason. I kept seeing the lyrics video before finally finding this. So glad I eventually found it.

  56. Buse-IRA

    Buse-IRA7 ditë më parë

    This song has stuck to me ever since Worlds of 2019. Life in 2020 was already a really rough start and this song has helped me through so far. Here is to a new empire friends!

  57. efe ayduğan

    efe ayduğan7 ditë më parë

    whenever ı get bored and dont want to play league just listen this song

  58. Alan I

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    Phoenix has risen

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    Are you gonna die today? Ekko: yesn’t

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