really really big youtuber


  1. Gus Johnson

    Gus JohnsonVit më parë

    man this really stinks come on guys let's get outta here and go to twitter instead @Gusbuckets

  2. Sen D.

    Sen D.10 muaj më parë

    And thus pink pewdiediepie gus was born

  3. the fuck is Justin Y.

    the fuck is Justin Y.Vit më parë

    Gus Johnson you’re idubbbz if he started videos at the age of 40

  4. BleekDreemer

    BleekDreemerVit më parë

    >likes his own comment meanwhile it's pinned Bruh

  5. The FAWK Chronicles

    The FAWK ChroniclesVit më parë

    Sorry to hear that dude. What a bummer. Twitter it is then...sigh

  6. KungfuPandaLuver69

    KungfuPandaLuver692 muaj më parë


  7. ang ela

    ang ela4 muaj më parë

    now youre in 1mil. whats happe-

  8. Johngeorge479

    Johngeorge4795 muaj më parë

    This video has as many views as the amount of subscribers he had at the time

  9. Nathan Fischer

    Nathan Fischer5 muaj më parë

    “500k on youtube in 6 months - never done before”

  10. refleksy

    refleksy5 muaj më parë

    New Hair Color Time!

  11. Shane

    Shane6 muaj më parë

    I’m assuming Gus just keeps that salt crystal lamp ironically

  12. Kriggs20

    Kriggs208 muaj më parë

    This dude is so funny how have I just subscribed now and why doesn’t he have more

  13. troywestleybailey

    troywestleybailey8 muaj më parë

    I want this in markipliers next don’t laugh vid.

  14. Raptor Reyes Reviews

    Raptor Reyes Reviews9 muaj më parë

    Gus johnson is pretty dope. would smoke a blunt with.

  15. Rishabh Kumar

    Rishabh Kumar9 muaj më parë

    Dont forget to make shitty jokes frequently.

  16. Sam Maxwell

    Sam Maxwell10 muaj më parë

    this comment section has too many verified people, I feel like I've just walked into a private family gathering...

  17. MISSed Bandwagon

    MISSed Bandwagon10 muaj më parë

    Lmao, is that really a thing? In that case, I can’t wait!

  18. spooky1010

    spooky101011 muaj më parë

    Anyone know the outro song?

  19. Shadow program

    Shadow program11 muaj më parë

    I’d just grow a mustache........ and dye it a really stupid color

  20. lay lover

    lay lover11 muaj më parë

    Finally someone who realizes hpw fucking ridiculous these fucking hair colors are.

  21. Armand Khan

    Armand KhanVit më parë

    Wow there are a lot of big youtubers in the comments

  22. Logan Albert

    Logan AlbertVit më parë

    Time for a minecraft intro

  23. Isabelle

    IsabelleVit më parë


  24. Isabelle

    IsabelleVit më parë

    damn youtuber niggas are WACK

  25. Evoner

    EvonerVit më parë

    Doesn’t Gus’s hair look pink at the last second

  26. Jonn Benny

    Jonn BennyVit më parë


  27. GaVaN8tOr 004

    GaVaN8tOr 004Vit më parë

    Something wrong I hold my head Gus at 500k And some hair color in his bed

  28. Yusuf Gazi

    Yusuf GaziVit më parë


  29. JLDoubleU

    JLDoubleUVit më parë

    Pink Gus is now canon screw you. Is he ever goes back to blonde it’s not canonically correct. Thank you goos

  30. MyInnPou

    MyInnPouVit më parë

    Dye it in stupid yellow Boom next problem

  31. ODB

    ODBVit më parë

    Cough markiplier in his emo stage cough

  32. Keoni M.

    Keoni M.Vit më parë

    There are more check marks here than my entire to do list on how to live a healthy life

  33. grizzlehatchet1

    grizzlehatchet1Vit më parë

    Lmao f u ninja

  34. David Brunett

    David BrunettVit më parë

    Really hope it doesn't wash out

  35. NyteMyre

    NyteMyreVit më parë

    I am very annoyed by the fact that that one black acoustic foam at 0:12 is not rotated in the right direction

  36. Sinister Shrink

    Sinister ShrinkVit më parë

    I remember subbing back when you only had around 10,000 maybe? Glad to see your channel grow and get the attention it deserves

  37. Bored

    BoredVit më parë

    You should actually do this. You look totally punk with it. 😌

  38. Theo Lewis

    Theo LewisVit më parë

    *shades every ALworksr ever*

  39. Kababoyan

    KababoyanVit më parë

    Dont follow the trend of one video per month tho, that would really suck

  40. AlterBridge06

    AlterBridge06Vit më parë

    Now we just need to convince ReviewBrah to do the same!

  41. Michael Just Michael

    Michael Just MichaelVit më parë

    "I'm loving it" as they say. However Gus you are scoreless as well as a stink magnet. #Sledgehammermurder

  42. Dakota Colley

    Dakota ColleyVit më parë

    You guys make a really good comedy team. It reminds me of the old smosh in many ways. Hope to see some more lengthier stuff in the future!

  43. Oh!

    Oh!Vit më parë

    Can you please make fun of the NETFLIX menu music for the 10 second clips they give Go to Southpaw, Naruto, Face-off They All have the same song

  44. mathieu kerger

    mathieu kergerVit më parë

    Oh no...

  45. Samuel Fraley

    Samuel FraleyVit më parë

    UNSUBSCRIBE to help

  46. Nick Kohlmann

    Nick KohlmannVit më parë


  47. BleekDreemer

    BleekDreemerVit më parë

    U look like a convicted felon

  48. Liam M.

    Liam M.Vit më parë

    i’ve been subbed since 800.... it’s crazy to see all this. congrats gussy bob you deserve it

  49. Isaac Johnston

    Isaac JohnstonVit më parë

    Haha this is the best, made my day thanks and congrats

  50. Merry Pringles

    Merry PringlesVit më parë

    Gus only haß 500k subs?!?!?

  51. griffhay1

    griffhay1Vit më parë

    Yo Gus just fyi this vid isn't showing up in my sub feed my dude

  52. Brazilian Goddess

    Brazilian GoddessVit më parë

    Dear Gus, Please stop making funny youtube videos and let us all unsubscribe already. You're tearing me apart Gus!

  53. Dr. Andy Johnson

    Dr. Andy JohnsonVit më parë

    Damn! You are getting better!

  54. 2 Left Thumbs

    2 Left ThumbsVit më parë

    The camera work at 0:03 is actually fantastic. Watching all those video essays on film making is really paying off!

  55. Michael Brackman

    Michael BrackmanVit më parë

    hahaha, 174 big youtubers didn't like this video

  56. Ryukachoo

    RyukachooVit më parë


  57. alyssa markoska

    alyssa markoskaVit më parë


  58. Doctor SeventySixSixtyThree

    Doctor SeventySixSixtyThreeVit më parë

    Every person in Gus' comments has a check mark

  59. Chapin Rosewood

    Chapin RosewoodVit më parë

    Its so weird seeing that one guy with glasses talk normally and not fake studder in front of the camera thinking its charming or cute.

  60. Cameron Jodoin

    Cameron JodoinVit më parë

    Dye it blonde.

  61. Aditya Kashyap

    Aditya KashyapVit më parë

    Wtf all verified ALworksrs love gus lmao

  62. BrokenOpus

    BrokenOpusVit më parë

    You missed the Moustache.

  63. Musthegreat 94

    Musthegreat 94Vit më parë

    You literally lost 200,000 subs in two day... HOW?

  64. Vin Daniel

    Vin DanielVit më parë

    Hey Gus, Congrats! Maybe you can make a face revival one of these days? Ya know, revive your face?