This episode got a bit sticky.. But I hope you enjoy Episode 3 of this series as I vlog my Kicker journey to the NFL!
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    Them cops tried to stop your boy grind man... but NAW! Smash that like if you love the series!

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    do your thing

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    These are your best vids destroying!!

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    Deestroying what’s your vertical? And I always smash obstacles bro

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    Deestroying hope u get in

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    “I appreciate that”

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    7:08 for stretches

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    Man cops just jealous they ain’t good a nough

  10. NOAH'S MOMMY2012

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    Take a lesson people.... If you are respectful and cooperative with the police, 99% of the time, (unless you have a warrant), the police are very respectful right back. I can't even count the times I've had encounters with cops (all levels of cops). Even in many situations that could have instantly had myself and friends thrown in jail...... (Not by my own bad choices, or even my friends. Most cases were asshole neighbors who love calling cops on anyone who tries to live life happily lol).. They all were beyond respectful and nice. All races involved btw. Not just a bunch of white folks either. Although, a lot of the cops we encountered, had MANY, higher-level cops that were men of color.) I just wanted to say that before someone starts a race war. Smh Have a great weekend everyone ❣️

  11. NOAH'S MOMMY2012

    NOAH'S MOMMY20122 muaj më parë

    I never realized how perverted football practice or football in general, can actually sound LOL

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    fuck 12

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    What is the intro song

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    Dee, thank you for keeping me motivated to work hard and practice every day to achieve my goals. No matter what gets in my way i will be reminded by you to keep going and destroy every obstacle. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work bro. 🤙🏽

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    What happened

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    You inspired my channel

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    wop wop that's the sound of the police

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    My nigga did basketball dribbling on the football field playing baseball field

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    This made me go out side and work on my DB skills

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    I always love watching path to the draft because of the intro music

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    I would follow along but I injured my knee playin softball

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    This is why LSU clapped UCF

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    ıṅṭяȏ ṡȏṅɢ?

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    Love the motivation💯💯

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    Correct me if i'm wrong but you have to do a warm up before stretching because if you stretch with cold muscles then you can damage your muscles.

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    Hey man um I’m trying to get better at receiving if you have any tip to give me hmu on instagram @_24_dylan

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    i love you deestroying your so talented and make great content

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    I'm nine and I watched all most all your vids . Just like u I play football and u my favorite tuotuber

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    Your brother Johnny says hi

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    Im so glad , that i didnt skip the last stretching part, that was very helpful

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    The cowboys need you there kicker is trash

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    I thought UCF said that former players could play in there

  35. LittleJ and BigB _

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    You know whats crazy De I was kicking for my school and broke my growth plate because I didn't stretch enough after I healed I was taught to do those streches you was doing thats crazy

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    Wide receiver

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    I am a point guard

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    Keep working

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    Yo thanks Dee you helping me stay hella focused on my track dream...I know u fonna make it to the league bru

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    Jesus loves you all

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    It help

  42. xdSteucky

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    As a kicker when you get a ball stuck in the poles it triggers me

  43. Nicholas Mendez

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    My favorite team is the oakland raiders and I would love for u to play for them

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    Does anybody know the intro song?

  45. Carson S Hespe

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    These are you best videosss!!!!


    GAVIN WANSLEY11 muaj më parë

    I do workouts and footwork everyday


    CHIEF KMR11 muaj më parë

    8:05 Donald got a van run

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    Yo I like that stretch I just did it before getting ready to go to practice and I feel so good my body feel so loose

  49. Flexx Shoot

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    Can I train with u I'ma upcoming tight end and TBH I don't have enough self control to wake up and tell myself keep going and run so can I train with u

  50. Andrew Baker

    Andrew Baker11 muaj më parë

    Yeah that's a big part of getting to the draft, team's don't want misbehaving and bad rep players

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    Can you drop the song @ 0:59?? Please??‼️

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    Been with you since 20k your the goat

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    Anyone got the song starting at 5:45?

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    Yo as* lucky ur my favv channel

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    Stop doing the money drops Man U gone fuck ur knees up

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    The Bucs need to sign u

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    Who tried to really stop you. Dont think its about you but the cause. Love ya tho

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    D flooring

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    Destroying out here

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    Yo dee how much can you squat?

  61. DeAngelo Bradley

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    At lest you made it out and they gave you a warning 💯. 💯🏆 I agree bro people trying to stop you but you got to keep going. Be careful man

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    Your videos are really inspirational man! Keep up the work. Hopefully u make it to the NFL, amen!

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    Jesus loves you

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    Would you go to the browns if they offered?