Drake Pens Love Song For Kim Kardashian 💜 Night Cappin’ w/ Royce Bell | Wild 'N Out

Drake stopped by ‘Night Cappin’ with Royce Bell’ with an exclusive on new music, being the greatest rapper alive, and his weakness for Kim Kardashian.
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  1. joel chandler

    joel chandler5 muaj më parë

    this nigga sipping apple juice🤣😂😂

  2. Clashclonic

    Clashclonic7 muaj më parë

    Click baited and been w snatched

  3. Emily REY

    Emily REY8 muaj më parë

    Im deadddd🤣🤣💓👏🏽

  4. Reshma Sabunani R

    Reshma Sabunani R8 muaj më parë

    OMG that dude wouldnt stop singing!!!🤬🤬🤬

  5. craig warren jr

    craig warren jr8 muaj më parë


  6. Rojo Ohos

    Rojo Ohos8 muaj më parë

    Royce needs a check to get them teeth fixed then he can go places tbh

  7. seangibson3054able

    seangibson3054able7 muaj më parë

    Rojo Ohos I have a lil gap that I wouldn’t close girls like it so that’s all that counts. Kinda like steph curry if I had a Michael Strahan gap I’d close it fast

  8. Christina&Brion&Bailey FHH

    Christina&Brion&Bailey FHH8 muaj më parë

    @Rojo Ohos lol

  9. Rojo Ohos

    Rojo Ohos8 muaj më parë

    Christina&Brion&Bailey FHH sounds like not my problem no gap gang

  10. Christina&Brion&Bailey FHH

    Christina&Brion&Bailey FHH8 muaj më parë

    @Rojo Ohos I had a different condition that's the reason why I didn't keep mines

  11. Rojo Ohos

    Rojo Ohos8 muaj më parë

    Christina&Brion&Bailey FHH there’s no way he likes it or you would’ve kept yours and that’s facts

  12. P Swizzy

    P Swizzy8 muaj më parë

    Thia drakes cousin. Aka mr God's backup plan

  13. Kaiyah B

    Kaiyah B8 muaj më parë


  14. TEE LASHA'

    TEE LASHA'8 muaj më parë

    Lmaoo . 😂 i can't

  15. Shantel

    Shantel8 muaj më parë

    I want to see more of these 😂😂😂🤔y’all might be onto something

  16. Metal pancake

    Metal pancake8 muaj më parë

    That's not drake XD

  17. Sosho

    Sosho8 muaj më parë

    Yo what was dat intro song

  18. I love Eating pencil

    I love Eating pencil8 muaj më parë

    I don't like this dude for some reason

  19. Philip Dwamena

    Philip Dwamena5 muaj më parë


  20. DAVO Roberto

    DAVO Roberto8 muaj më parë

    I'm going to be honest this not funny stick to wild n out

  21. waalex11

    waalex118 muaj më parë

    This is embarassing.

  22. carlos 123

    carlos 1238 muaj më parë

    This is whats up nice bro great job

  23. Emily Thor

    Emily Thor8 muaj më parë


  24. Matthew Plays

    Matthew Plays8 muaj më parë

    I thought it was Drake in the thumbnail

  25. Destiny Greaves

    Destiny Greaves8 muaj më parë

    His impression was spot on!!

  26. Jay Sco

    Jay Sco8 muaj më parë

    Nigga said Kanye?

  27. Ted Angelo

    Ted Angelo8 muaj më parë

    Straight face gang where ya at 😐😐😐

  28. K B

    K B8 muaj më parë

    Why he sound more like drake than drake does

  29. Mr. Youtube

    Mr. Youtube7 muaj më parë

    @Potato Smasher no

  30. Potato Smasher

    Potato Smasher8 muaj më parë

    You're right lmao

  31. Mr. Youtube

    Mr. Youtube8 muaj më parë

    Now u know u just went toooooo far😂😂😂💯

  32. Rock Me beats

    Rock Me beats8 muaj më parë


  33. Shiister

    Shiister8 muaj më parë

    This the only time Royce ever been funny to me.

  34. OfficerVTheGameGeek

    OfficerVTheGameGeek8 muaj më parë

    4;26 lmaoo when say yeh yeh n after

  35. O.G

    O.G8 muaj më parë

    he claims his the best rapper but i think that i know off Eminem is the best rapper alive

  36. OkThen Sean

    OkThen Sean8 muaj më parë

    He doesn't even write his own shit Eminem is a fraud

  37. Novabanks _

    Novabanks _8 muaj më parë

    Where’s Tim

  38. i t s T i a r a T v

    i t s T i a r a T v8 muaj më parë

    Why he actually sound like drake😂

  39. Chris shaw

    Chris shaw8 muaj më parë

    Wait are they the same nigga

  40. Chris shaw

    Chris shaw8 muaj më parë

    Shit was too funny

  41. Timothy

    Timothy8 muaj më parë


  42. Bgs - Fifty2

    Bgs - Fifty28 muaj më parë

    Suscribe for hiphop lover

  43. Fei Yang Zheng

    Fei Yang Zheng8 muaj më parë

    This is so bad

  44. Nora Peace

    Nora Peace8 muaj më parë

    Wait are these 2 the same people? 😂😂😂

  45. Kris Hernandez

    Kris Hernandez8 muaj më parë

    Nora Peace no problem ❤️

  46. Nora Peace

    Nora Peace8 muaj më parë

    Kris Hernandez thank you 🤣

  47. Christina&Brion&Bailey FHH

    Christina&Brion&Bailey FHH8 muaj më parë

    Yesssd silly lol

  48. Kris Hernandez

    Kris Hernandez8 muaj më parë

    Nora Peace yes lol

  49. LeBeautiful

    LeBeautiful8 muaj më parë

    Discount Drake...wait that's his cuzzo??

  50. NordyTheShorty

    NordyTheShorty8 muaj më parë

    Jerald Green REALLY just interviewed drake lmao

  51. Marja U

    Marja U8 muaj më parë

    Do Eddie next😊

  52. mimislay Queen

    mimislay Queen8 muaj më parë


  53. Digital_get_Down

    Digital_get_Down8 muaj më parë



    GT GAMING8 muaj më parë

    Hit da like if ur a true WNO fan


    GT GAMING8 muaj më parë

    @Alisha itate u stubidy fa spite

  56. Alisha

    Alisha8 muaj më parë

    Guyanese Gamer well at least you now understand Right???


    GT GAMING8 muaj më parë

    @Alisha if u don't wanna u don't have to

  58. Alisha

    Alisha8 muaj më parë

    Guyanese Gamer you told me to hit the like if I’m a tru WNO fan but I’m telling u to make me hit the like button Do u now understand??


    GT GAMING8 muaj më parë

    @Alisha wym ??

  60. Kev Alexander

    Kev Alexander8 muaj më parë


  61. Glooscap Official

    Glooscap Official8 muaj më parë

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  62. Ai'yanna Avakin

    Ai'yanna Avakin8 muaj më parë


  63. Kodak Blue

    Kodak Blue8 muaj më parë

    More important Who is the 'fake kim?Justina ?

  64. djkw21

    djkw218 muaj më parë

    This shit ehhh. Kinda corny

  65. True Black Knight

    True Black Knight8 muaj më parë


  66. Ravin Cunningham

    Ravin Cunningham8 muaj më parë

    Finally gettin his shine! Go Royce go!

  67. 66Promo

    66Promo8 muaj më parë

    nice love yall

  68. Juju Ibar

    Juju Ibar8 muaj më parë

    That is yo ugly ass stupid

  69. Aileru Rasheed

    Aileru Rasheed8 muaj më parë

    Drake ?? OMG 😮 I cant believe it’s drake cousin 😂

  70. Pierre Veronika

    Pierre Veronika8 muaj më parë

    Notification gang 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Fred Cherry2341

    Fred Cherry23418 muaj më parë

    Ctfu 😂

  72. Joe King

    Joe King8 muaj më parë

    Notification squad, where are you at?!

  73. jose santiago

    jose santiago8 muaj më parë

    Up yo ass

  74. toia kiro

    toia kiro8 muaj më parë

    Notification Gang

  75. Bigavel

    Bigavel8 muaj më parë

    Who in da spot?

  76. EJ Swavv

    EJ Swavv8 muaj më parë

    My bro !!!!! Making moves !

  77. Jaziyah Geter

    Jaziyah Geter8 muaj më parë

    I know you lie

  78. Bella Oya

    Bella Oya8 muaj më parë

    Sounds better than my actual voice

  79. The F*CK BOY Chronicles

    The F*CK BOY Chronicles8 muaj më parë

    Yo i had autoplay on and was in the other room when this came on. I really thought dude was Drake until he started singing 🤣😂. Good impersonation

  80. Kalei Gordon

    Kalei Gordon8 muaj më parë

    Noti Gang