8 Jiu-Jitsu Chokes EVERY Woman Should Know!

A quick review of the 8 automobile abduction prevention chokes that every woman should know!
In response to the Southern California assault by a fake taxi driver a few months back, Gracie University will be offering free Women's Self-defense Seminars at Certified Training Centers worldwide. To review the full list of locations or save your spot, visit www.GracieGirls.com today!
Article on Los Angeles assault: www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-bandit-taxi-driver-rape-20171204-story.html
For the full length breakdowns of vehicle abduction prevention tips and all 8 chokes, watch these videos:
1- alworks.info/videos/e7NpXQkw5pU-video.html
2- alworks.info/videos/WIQG2bKl3e0-video.html


  1. Taylor M

    Taylor M7 ditë më parë

    0:35 renner: oh hey eve... guy geting choked out: ......... renner: so like I was saying

  2. Sebastien Plaisir

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    She will probably get kill before she even reaches.

  3. Dimitris dm

    Dimitris dmMuaj më parë

    another gracie bullshit. dont try that crap, no one is gonna attack you and stay like this guy.... wait for you to choke him...he will punch, kick and knock your teeth out,the only choke that could work is from the back seat

  4. Bailey WEBB

    Bailey WEBB2 muaj më parë

    What if he finds this kinda shit kinky

  5. Nurul Huda Samsuddin

    Nurul Huda Samsuddin3 muaj më parë

    How abt airplane situations? Like if u’re seated at the window and the guy on the outer end gets creepy?

  6. Professor MiJ Wong

    Professor MiJ Wong4 muaj më parë

    Always get the seatbelt in the party.

  7. Athrun Zala

    Athrun Zala4 muaj më parë

    the car will drive itself ? XD

  8. depressean

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    better than fake taxi

  9. Cville Lister

    Cville Lister5 muaj më parë

    What if I'm the driver and the assulter is the passenger like an Uber/Lyft situation? Just wondering because sometimes I worry when I'm driving strangers around, at night and sometimes they've been drinking a little too much.

  10. antonio kasto

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    them girls are lethal hope they dont abuse it

  11. Sur Jeudi

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    Binge watching! You two are awesome. ..new subscriber.

  12. Thormod

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    0:39 Olive Wonka?

  13. Crazy Funny Cats

    Crazy Funny Cats6 muaj më parë

    Crank your head to the side Choke prevention tip 🤭wait,,, 😹 crazyfunnycats66 (instagram) 👽🐱🐯🦁

  14. Chris Emm

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  15. Somebody S

    Somebody S9 muaj më parë

    Could you explain why it would be necessary to choke from the rear seat unless your hands were tied?

  16. Richard* Abstracts, fitness, faith and Fender

    Richard* Abstracts, fitness, faith and Fender10 muaj më parë

    an issue I see..yes those chokes will be very effective...but in real life situations..the mental fight or flight response will determine the success of the particular choke.and physical conditions personal and the environment in the car.to condition yourself, will take lots off practice and training...could you also do a similar vid..with the same conditions but the assailant armed..with a weapon..e.g knife, gun etc and out weighting the potential victim by say, 30kgs...etc//

  17. Xouki Long

    Xouki Long11 muaj më parë

    why aren't the seatbelts locking up? it's supposed to lock up when pulled quickly

  18. Nicolas Sanchez

    Nicolas SanchezVit më parë

    This becomes awkward once you realize that the other guy is driving a car and if you choke him out he’ll probably crash and kill someone

  19. Cheeky Bagel

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    Damn I wish you could visit Surabaya. I would love to join your class!

  20. Edelweiss Montera

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    What a monster!!!!

  21. Thomas Valenti

    Thomas ValentiVit më parë

    We practiced the back seat choke you dont have time to switch twice. If your fast you can get one switch of b4 the bad guy grabs the belt id love to see more detail on that one and someone defending it 100% not that it cant work it just didnt work when we practiced it would love to see another vid on just that

  22. Science lover

    Science loverVit më parë

    the defense for girl if the rapist is trying to eat her pussycat damn she could get him in the triangle choke

  23. Z M

    Z MVit më parë

    Eva Marie ??????

  24. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeahVit më parë

    im going to be honest no hate but, gracie jijitsu does not work for a number of reasons, 1. the techniques are very UN effective for self defense. great for MMA but, awful for self defense. and going to the ground in a street fight would make it possible for friends to kick u

  25. Jeffrey Davis

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    Hopefully, one of the seminars will come someplace near St. Louis.


    1DOLLAR 1 PEPSIVit më parë

    If his freaky hell enjoy it

  27. angry carrot

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    What if the guy is like 300 pounds?

  28. Crazy Funny Cats

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    angry carrot 🍔🌭🥪🍟🍕🌯🌮🥙🌭🥓🍗🍖🥩🧀throw food and get out

  29. malli69

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    Waste of time in a real street situation women would get there ass kicked unless she's packing then she would stand a chance.

  30. Артём Лобов

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    0:30 @ this point the assailant will think he is being invited to dine at the Y.

  31. GO YNWA

    GO YNWAVit më parë

    Well the seat belt is use less because of the mechanism of the seat belt

  32. Indian Martial Arts Research Group

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    yh you gotta pull it slow otherwise it locks lol!

  33. Mitch

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    Or if he is driving grab the steering wheel

  34. Israel Canada

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    Brazilian jiujitsu!

  35. Aaron F

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    Is this Rener Gracie or Jason Scully?

  36. MsNicoleRR

    MsNicoleRRVit më parë

    Love these tips. Even when we know that is not so simple, cause at the situation we have so much stress on it. Perhaps, it's better know something to have a chance to fight for life than only watch it disapear.

  37. Freedoms_glory

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    Well here’s the dumbest thing ive seen all day.Good job.

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    This so is major.

  39. Anon Justice Warrior Queen

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    Thankyou I need this Sadly I'm 90lbs 4'8 life has not been easy🙏🏻Wish I knew this years Ago✌🏻 Thankyou Las Vegas Henderson 🌹

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    Jaira Valenti🎈🧸🌹hugs

  41. ComplexBlackness

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    And Not one Gracie Breakdown was done or has been done in god knows how long. Here is a video that can be analyzed. An officer gets his back taken and put in a choke, even a head lock. alworks.info/videos/sgIv2tKegMM-video.html

  42. TJ Anderson

    TJ AndersonVit më parë

    Everyone needs to see these. They would help so much. I'll be teaching my sister these for sure. You guys absolutely have to bring a training center to Cleveland. I've been looking for a good place to learn but there's just no great places here

  43. Amos Pan

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    someone going night night in that car

  44. Reyna Torres

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    I’m from jiu jisu to I beak bricks 900

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    Your kidding me. No real video in 3 months and this recycled video is the best you could come up with? Unsub 👎

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    Logan Moore lol

  47. Greg Letter

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    Wrong, she would want to furiously scratch, poke or flick the eyes. Hurt the groin in some way. Then do repeated strikes or slaps in order to get away and run.

  48. Khabib Time

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    demonstation of 10 years jail sentence?

  49. GwapoSoldier

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    Same video?

  50. Seabrook Martial Arts Academy

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  51. G D

    G DVit më parë

    Some of your videos have been great, but most of this is Wushu bullshit. Showing these techniques being effective without having a realistic response is very irresponsible.

  52. somechips

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    Do you think Rener likes being choked during sexytime?

  53. EpicMRPancake

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    I guess the Guillotine is like the French Kiss of chokes.

  54. PJ

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    Get this trending! These guys are too nice!

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  56. Ty Mccoy

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    She got Pretty Feet. But definitely creative chokes

  57. Daniel Skipp

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    Bullshit "Jujitsu" AKA BJJ still going strong with the same old bullshit I see. Fake self-defence.

  58. MrStraponJr

    MrStraponJrVit më parë

    In the UK a taxi driver who drugged and raped around 100 women is just about to be released from prison. This could be very useful in the near future, thanks for the pointers.

  59. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's AdvocateVit më parë

    *Can a woman just try one of these techniques on Rener (unplanned)?*

  60. Andy Spark

    Andy SparkVit më parë

    yeah, like the attacker will just sit there and think "choke me, choke me" no resistance do it more realistic and use women with less muscles and less experience otherwise they would be to confident and this could end badly

  61. original sin

    original sinVit më parë

    Thanks for sharing. However, I agree with my BJJ instructor (unless you are top 25 MMA female UFC fighters) that "guys, dont fight with anyone on the street even they are at wrong even you are black belt in BJJ. Walk away. And he turn to me, and you, petite little girl, walk faster, as concealed weapons and attacker's friends might be just around .... Only respond if your life is in danger for you have no choice. Use things as weapons is always better than your hand, unless you need you fingers to do the job such as to grab something... attack the weakest point then run as quick as possible and try to chase Usian Bolt."

  62. Sum Ma

    Sum MaVit më parë

    Why do they call it "Women's" self defense? Are these chokes any different when a guy does them? Self defense is self defense and in a rape scenario, a firearm is necessary

  63. Rafael Silva

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    Jiu-jitsu save lives, good job

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    Cool video dudes. Thanks for all of the stuff you guys have taught me and believe me... it's a lot!!!