What Happens When You Freeze Dry Candy?

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In today's video we're testing out several different types of candy and food in our freeze dryer. Skittles, ice cream sandwiches, gummy worms, Milky Ways, and others. What will they do?
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  1. scarscar pup

    scarscar pupMinutë më parë

    i wonder how many times the intro took

  2. GlowingToesGaming

    GlowingToesGaming13 minuta më parë

    Me: The candy will be frozen

  3. WildLimes

    WildLimes26 minuta më parë

    It would be fascinating to see if you were to grind up any of those freeze dried candies you made in this video, and see if you could use the dust/ crystals to make cotton candy 😃

  4. Sophia Thirza Joyce

    Sophia Thirza Joyce27 minuta më parë

    Cheeto puffs... I carved them so much during this video

  5. Jessica Streacker

    Jessica Streacker33 minuta më parë

    the milky way is like a whopper

  6. Rachel Theobald

    Rachel Theobald36 minuta më parë

    Would you send me this stuff

  7. Random anonymous user I'm serious

    Random anonymous user I'm serious55 minuta më parë

    you should freeze dry candy corn!

  8. Derpy MuffinSexiness

    Derpy MuffinSexinessOrë më parë

    Pizza and pasta

  9. ŁIŁ INK

    ŁIŁ INKOrë më parë

    Chocolate chip

  10. DeeDee Nasogaluak

    DeeDee NasogaluakOrë më parë

    Bread, watermelon

  11. ŁIŁ INK

    ŁIŁ INKOrë më parë

    Air heads

  12. ŁIŁ INK

    ŁIŁ INKOrë më parë


  13. Isaiah 2837477474747 Ramirez

    Isaiah 2837477474747 RamirezOrë më parë

    Do candy apple

  14. Scribble Cloud

    Scribble CloudOrë më parë

    isnt milkyway coconut?

  15. Sams Wildlife

    Sams WildlifeOrë më parë

    Can you PLEASE freeze dry honey and honeycomb, it would be awesome and maybe some putty

  16. .-.Eva.-.

    .-.Eva.-.Orë më parë

    American Milky Way looks way different to Australian 🤯

  17. Ashly Marie

    Ashly MarieOrë më parë

    Welp yeh looks like paying 1000$ for a freeze dryer is worth it

  18. Lauren Marshall Collins

    Lauren Marshall CollinsOrë më parë


  19. Kaisa Räisänen

    Kaisa RäisänenOrë më parë

    Chees 🧀

  20. RealQueen TV

    RealQueen TVOrë më parë


  21. Jessica Terry

    Jessica TerryOrë më parë

    We never eat violet crumble we generally eat crunchie which is the same but betta

  22. Kids help line 1800 55 1800

    Kids help line 1800 55 1800Orë më parë

    Wait didn’t he die..........????????????

  23. Afiqah SK

    Afiqah SKOrë më parë

    Pls freeze dry gum

  24. Chlo,zo,and of course jo Blogs

    Chlo,zo,and of course jo Blogs2 orë më parë

    Freeze dry mamba fruit taffy

  25. Kevin Bastouri

    Kevin Bastouri2 orë më parë

    Try fast food

  26. ItsAIyssa

    ItsAIyssa2 orë më parë

    the ice cream one looks like astronaut ice cream

  27. Jim Smallwood

    Jim Smallwood2 orë më parë

    freeze dry fruits n veg or chicken

  28. Anonymous Penguin

    Anonymous Penguin2 orë më parë

    What happens if you freeze dry cotton candy????

  29. Bxs Abi

    Bxs Abi2 orë më parë

    Freeze dried ice cream is the best

  30. Mia

    Mia2 orë më parë


  31. Sherry Honeycutt

    Sherry Honeycutt2 orë më parë

    He says noooget instead of nugget

  32. Sherry Honeycutt

    Sherry Honeycutt3 orë më parë

    Why do you have so many diapers in you garage

  33. POKÉ mane

    POKÉ mane3 orë më parë

    Freeze dried popcorn duhhhh

  34. Nicole Huynh

    Nicole Huynh3 orë më parë

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  35. Dragon Master

    Dragon Master3 orë më parë

    I want a bag ss

  36. Janessa Cruz

    Janessa Cruz3 orë më parë

    Maybe freeze dry and egg?

  37. Soft 14

    Soft 143 orë më parë

    I really wanna try those skittles

  38. Natalie Lozano

    Natalie Lozano3 orë më parë


  39. Rachel From Staples

    Rachel From Staples3 orë më parë

    Can you freeze dry M&M’s

  40. Ochre Rune

    Ochre Rune3 orë më parë

    I want this to become an Asmr trend

  41. SherniceBailey

    SherniceBailey3 orë më parë

    Most of this stuff look stale😂

  42. Shade

    Shade3 orë më parë

    Pop tarts

  43. the worst slime tuber

    the worst slime tuber3 orë më parë

    How to make edible bath bombs Freeze dry taffy, WHO HAS A FREEZE DRIER SO I CAN FIND UUUUU

  44. Doris Tsai

    Doris Tsai4 orë më parë

    Just imagine what if this freezing candies becomes a trend for those asmr youtubers

  45. weird peeps

    weird peeps4 orë më parë

    ITS AN EDIBLE BATHBOMB 10:35 ** if you post/take my idea at least gimme credit man.

  46. Georgina Dew

    Georgina Dew4 orë më parë


  47. Maria Rivera

    Maria Rivera4 orë më parë

    Who else saw the pull up pampers in the backgrounds🤣😂

  48. smile it's just a game

    smile it's just a game4 orë më parë

    I would drop one of those taffy poufs into a shot, or a mixed drink 😚🍸🥃

  49. Bub_Entertainment

    Bub_Entertainment4 orë më parë

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  50. ninjawolf x

    ninjawolf x4 orë më parë


  51. ninjawolf x

    ninjawolf x4 orë më parë

    do the am cheetos

  52. LinabeanlovesFox YT

    LinabeanlovesFox YT4 orë më parë

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    Kaitlyn Roberts4 orë më parë

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  54. Gideon Westerlund

    Gideon Westerlund4 orë më parë

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  55. Fangirl

    Fangirl4 orë më parë

    how to sum up the video: it freezes

  56. gurpreet udiahan

    gurpreet udiahan4 orë më parë

    freeze dry mochi

  57. Yazlene

    Yazlene4 orë më parë

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  58. Elyn Alizabeth

    Elyn Alizabeth4 orë më parë

    Candy is like heaven ahhhhh

  59. pp hard

    pp hard4 orë më parë

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    pp hard4 orë më parë

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  61. Rebekah Mae

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