Sexual Assault: When Idols Become Abusers

From Hollywood Producers and Prestigious Doctors to BJJ Black Belts and Politicians, how people of status can get away with so much for so long, and what we can do to prepare our children.
1) Address the Truth About Sexual Assault
2) Eliminate the Support Systems
3) Empower our Youth
-Status Doesn't Equal Safety
-My Body, My Choice
-Boundaries Apply to Everyone
Thanks to the courageous survivors of his heinous crimes, Larry Nassar will serve up to 175 years behind bars. To show our support, we would like to sponsor all survivors of his abuse to receive free training at any Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Center worldwide. While we know that nothing can undo what was done, we have seen the incredible healing effect that learning self-defense has had on countless survivors we've had the privilege of working with, and we hope to extend these benefits to the survivors of Nassar's crimes when they are ready. - Free Women's Seminar on February 24th - 5-day Youth Camp for Ages 6-12 - Find a Certified Training Center
Correction (Jan 29, 2018): Romulo Barros was not convicted of sexual assault. He pled no contest to the charge of assault in the third degree, which is a midemeanor.


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    You guys are amazing and represents everything that martial arts is about!

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    You have two options. You can take away the right of women to use their bodies in exchange for favors in the industry. Or you stomp this activity out. You can't have it both ways. This is disgusting behavior on both sides of the argument. The women that do sell themselves for their career are just as guilty as the men that abuse their power.

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    Women wouldn’t get raped if they knew BJJ

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    When flirting and wearing bearly clothing around people then getting your cheeks touched or them try and fuck,dont be surprised or Reyna cause them of rape

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    Gracie's ; a man named Gracie learned a skill in Japan taught it to his kids and the family created the illusion their father created the art, kinda pathetic actually. Now were on 4th gen Gracie BS'ers.

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    i like brazilian jiujitsu but i hate practicing it, so i only stick with Sanda, Muay thai, wrestling and judo. brazilian jiujitsu is too much foot here arm there, roll here roll there hold onto this n that and it gets discouraging practicing this art n too much noodling to remember. im sorta dissapointed in myself that i cant and probably will never get this art at all in my life. im just going to stick with standup arts.....though i love the gracies and rener gracie is awesome. i know basic stuff like armbar and kimura and americana etc from mount and sidemount and basic moves like guillotine and kimura etc from guard but when it comes to the complicated advanced stuff like heel hooks from guard and then kneebar from guard etc all that rolling and foot here foot there pivot here pivot there etc gets to me and makes me frustrated to point of just leaving the art and giving up because im still awful at it and its so much moves in sequence to remember compared to just striking and throwing and wrestling. im basically dissapointed in myself and feel i failed at bjj and come to terms that i will never get beyond the basic baby level im at and know...

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    ChassidicYid604 maybe because your not trying to get good at it learn patience

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    Sometimes I think the truth gets spun in to something that becomes political, once this happens, no matter who its against, it becomes a hundred times worse. What we should do is ask tons of people why they allowed this to happen. Personally, I would just drop that doctor off in the ocean with chum around his waist and let the fish handle him, then tell people that this is how sexual predators will be dealt with in the future. What happens next is investigate all the claims. But the truth will always be buried by political correctness.

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    Hey here are two videos you guys can break down. Both involve individuals getting mounted and not knowing what to do. Welcome.

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    I love the honesty. It’s great that they mentioned bjj too. They didn’t try to hide that. Brilliant work guys

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    What she is saying by "believe them" is that we need to believe that what they are saying is an issue that needs to be addressed. Generally where there is smoke there is fire. I think people think that she meant that you just have to believe anybody that accuses somebody of rape. That's non-sense and is not what she meant. Unfortunately yes sometimes people are falsely accused and I hate to see that. But, common sense says most legit cases you will see multiple victims, multiple complaints (over time), physical and emotional evidence, etc.

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    I think what you should do is take each case on it's own merit. EVERYONE deserves due process of law. Innocent until proven guilty. Jiu-Jitsu is great, but we already have a system in place for this, the criminal justice system. Yeah, it isn't perfect, but nothing is.

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    How about getting back to the foundation of this channel and its name. Do some street fight breakdowns, plenty of videos to breakdown. Plenty of vids of cops fighting and regular people fighting.

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    A R good post

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    I assume it is a sad attempt at educating idiotic parents and reaching youth who have no guidance. They are taking it overboard by insinuating anyone touching or speaking to you is probably some type of abuser... Interesting since their line of work is a lot of direct contact. Not a fan of demonizing everyone and encouraging the victim role while plugging their program either (defeats their purpose of teaching self empowerment) and this is coming from a female for the record, so people can save the sexist talk.

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    Chancho Libre lol nothing except their women's self defense program and Promoting Alavanca.

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    ComplexBlackness I was just wondering what the hell this had to do with jiu jitsu.


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    # TomBrady cant do no wrong. go pats!!! just jokeing guys, great video. as a long time martial artiest, and a bjj practitioner and farther of two, (4 years old ,6 Month boy /girl) this video hits home because i am starting to learn how to teach my kids these responsibilities.. Me and my four year old train at dedeco BJJ in weymouth MA, come visit if any one is in boston..

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    She thought the semi truck driver was trying to kill her. He wasn’t he saw something that she didn’t notice he saw the man sneak into her car

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    This woman was driving in her car and there was a big semi truck following right on her tail really fast so she ran the stop light it followed her around the stoplight so she was scared she rushed into the gas station jumped out of her car and ran inside to be safe in the semi truck pulled up right in behind her following her the driver jumped out ran over to the back of her car open it up and started beating a man she didn’t know there was a rapist in her back seat hiding

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    I wonder if that 78% of all sexual attacks is true. There are many myths when it comes to sexual asault.

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    On #3 look up "gas lighting"

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    Rener there is nothing wrong with taking a stand and making videos that spread positive messages that you believe in (and society need to believe in too) but it becomes a problem when u ditch the primary reason why people subscribed to your channel: the breakdowns. No one who complains about these video in your comments section is against your message, but most people subscribed to a pure, politics free bjj channel and when the breakdowns become so far between people are less likely to listen to you cuz they just need one more reason not to watch, and a 20 minute video of you talking might be that.

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    Spreading awareness is one thing. Encouraging people to call an uncomfortable situation abuse is another. We all experience uncomfortable situations and not all people are abusers and not every one has been abused. As a woman, it annoys me when women throw around the term abuse like it means nothing. That woman claiming her gymnastics coach abused her best be careful because one of her students can just as easily turn around and do the very same thing to her simply because they were maybe feeling uncomfortable at any given time. It also minimizes actual abuse for those who have truly been abused- so those people are looked down on, not believed or ridiculed for coming forward.

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    Geesey Channel they do and i clearly said i dont have a problem with it. My problem is when they stop doing the content 99% of their fans subscribed to see so they can make these preachy ass bjj free videos exclusively.

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    ahmad rizk it is our job as Martial artist to spread word when it comes to stuff like this , because if we don't , then why are we training self defense? self defense isn't always just about fighting, it's also about knowing what is right and wrong so we can avoid the wrong. so just relax and learn. They have a right to say/ make any video they want to make.

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    You guys have been consistently awesome in supporting women as long as I've been following you, and it's always great to see. I know you get some pushback about it from others in your audience, but I just want to let you know that I personally freaking love these videos.

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    where are the breakdowns? women have always been oppressed throughout history. just a different person in a different scenario. Like it's nothing new honestly

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    Gracie breakdowns inspired me to started my jiujitsu journey 6 years ago. Im so proud of what you guys do for our community

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    I'm forced to come out about my own Attempt Rape! Forced sign Gag Order Threatened my life! It was Out then covered up on National News They lied! Didn't want my kids to know! Have to Tell it's coming out regardless 😔Moved 2 Vegas Want to go to Gracie Academy in Henderson! 🙈please contact me. Something Else 2 months Ago. Here in Vegas Nate D, Ceasar may recognize, Know of me🙏🏻

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    As a wise man once said...When you have nough power and status ,women will let you do whatever you want..Grab em the pussy....ok mabye not so wise,cause he totally got busted,and he lost everything and the religious right condemed him and he was made to pay for his abuse.

  50. Shruti Chaturvedi

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    As a victim, I greatly associate with the video. The perpetrator was idolized to the point of "they can do no wrong". Thanks for the video.

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    In Soviet Russia u molest molester.

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    how did u get molest?

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    I agree with alot of the info but dont know about painting boys as abusers or the primary ones needing to be taught about abuse the fact is men are far less likely to come forward about every kind of abuse especially sexual abuse. Why not just say that all girls and boys need to be taught about abuse instead of playing into gender stereotypes.

  54. T A

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    Your absolutely right, i don't like the insinuation of 'teach your son not to be a sexual predator', its not only unhelpful but dangerous on so many levels. Just 10 years ago female sexual predators were like 2-5%, recently its risen to 10%, The scary part is most investigators and researchers don't think its a rise in a number of female predators, but a rise in reports and OUR (as a society) acceptance that women can be predators, thus a rise in taking reports seriously.

  55. oftenKICKEDbaby

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    My point really was that its bad to perpetuate stereo types regaudless of the statistics imagine for example they were talking about needing to teach kids about stealing so that when they grow up they dont become victims of theft but then she feels the need to say but especially black children both so they dont become the victims of theft but also so they dont commit these types of crimes. I believe in equality for all human beings and i think perpetuating stereotypes like these are detrimental towards that end. Im not saying that she had some malicious intent i agreed with alot of what they said and im glad they made the video i just think it would have been better without that comment

  56. oftenKICKEDbaby

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    Drift Wisp This is an article on the under studied female perpetrator most likely understudied due to perpetuated stereo types like the one i pointed out. "Female perpetrator were reported in 34.7 percent of incidents with male victims and 4.2 percent of incidents with female victims" here is a quote from the study mentioned in the article but i hope you will take the time to look the article over.

  57. Drift Wisp

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    They did mention that boys could be abused too. I don't think that they ever actually mentioned girls as being the primary targets, instead sticking with terms like 'survivors' and 'your children'. Could be wrong about that though. They did make it seem like boys were the only perpetrators, which isn't true.. But men are much much much more likely to be perpetrators. I would be surprised if in even 5% of sexual assault cases the perpetrator was a woman.

  58. oftenKICKEDbaby

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    Le Grand Fromage impossible to say that with such certainty given the number of unreported cases, however my point was not that men should come forward too but that you shouldn't stereotype an entire gender as abusers and another as victims. These stereo types are part of the reason men dont come forward about such abuse.

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    This subject is about to cause some serious debate in the Rickson Gracie organization.

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    Thank you,thank you thank you. I have 4 daughters from 5th grade up and this video will be watched together at the dinner table and allow us to discuss this topic. Great work.

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    There's some weird shit going on. If you're getting your news from one of the 4 major news companies it's either irrelevant or you're getting a complete spin. Look elsewhere for your information.

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    See for training on this issue, for athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, administrators and parents

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    i really wish that you upload vids more often than only once in a really long time... anyway, nice sharing regarding the issue. man, society just become so messed up right now

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    I think society was messed up and what we are seing now is society fixing itself

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    It's hard for everyone to take accusations seriously nowadays. Maybe it would help if people stopped 'crying wolf' so often... #MeToo #blacklivesmatter #BLM

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    Easiest thing to do that is... treat it seriously. To send a message, that once you cry "wolf", the dice have been cast, and if the accusation are proven false, frivolous or malicious, there will be consequences. It would hopefully only take a couple crazy activists locked in a cage before they realise that this is not a joke. I think this is one of the most reasonable videos on the subject, be it a bit one sided... but the all are.

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    Mark Rodriguez I agree.

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    All this advice is great but it won’t reach far, this needs to be implemented in school districts both public and private schools and churches and youth extracurricular clubs, it’s too late to change the old dogs but we can still reach the youth but a small video on ALworks won’t go far enough

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    Thank you for this! Respect Edit: the fact that we have these disgusting comments mean this video is a must. There is still so much work to do.

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    Women wouldn’t get raped if they knew BJJ LOL

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    Explain 'disgusting'

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    Not sure why all the hate on this video. It was really insightful. Many people abuse their position in power. Status plays a huge role too... if you have an opinion that differs, how about you debate the expressions made on the video in a civil and thoughtful manner. It only goes to show you must not be mindful of the subject if all you're doing is casting insults.

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    Tom Okay, we get you don't give a shit. Why should they give a shit about you giving a shit? They can express themselves how they please. They're not forcing you to watch it.

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    Bliss 559 no one gives a shit about this political bullshit, if I want politics I go to the Daily Stormer or the Huffington Post my two favourite outlets

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    “Innocent until proven guilty”, is a fundamental right and concept these 3 individuals should look deep into before making videos like this. I thought Rener was smarter than this.

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    larry nassar has confessed that he is guilty of some of the allegations

  93. An Naeem Bin An Nahari

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    The ridiculous movement by those extreme feminists is the reason why people are not so sure of what the actual meaning of sexual assault or rape is.

  94. Seth Westbrook

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    I’m talking ab people like nassar. I’m not for assuming men are automatically predators, and I don’t think that’s what Gracie means either. Look I see the problems with the me too movement, and yes some are taking it a little too far with “hey he touched my lower back he’s a rapists” type stuff. I get it...that’s bs. But what Gracie’s is saying is that there are enough out there that we have to protect others. So you don’t assume somebody is a predator, but you use the tools to make sure anybody in a position of power has been checked out. It’s not perfect but it’s the best we have at the moment.

  95. T A

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    Seth, very telling that you generically state "I'd rather a few get wrongfully accused...", of course when its not personal or close to you, it's easy to say that, when you or the one you love and care for is the one left to try and pick up the pieces. In today's social media driven economy, a person's reputation is their life blood. What if it were your, Dad, Brother, Son, Cousin, who's life was utterly torn apart? Their office/employer put them on unpaid leave, possibly fired them, they couldn't even get a coffee or a burger without people judging them, and possibly even harassing them? What if they had a wife or kids? and now CPS is getting involved and investigating them...and here is the kicker, the catch 22 , the more justifiably angry they get, the more "out of control" they are painted, the more passive they are the more people whisper "well of course he is quiet, he did it." or after years of fighting, $$$$ out the door, If he says to his lawyer, 'just pay them, i want to move on with my life', court of public opinion decides "he must be guilty, otherwise why not fight it." Remeber the Duke La Cross team? exactly how many of the crazies that harassed them, got them kicked out of school, threatened them, how many of those people stepped up and said "I am sorry! I was wrong!" and then helped those guys put their life back together. Seth, the point is not that Nassar is guilty, no one is arguing that. What is being said is the generalization and principle and concept (and Rener is big on principles and concepts) that Men are predators and Women are prey is not only unhelpful, but its dangerous on many levels.

  96. Seth Westbrook

    Seth WestbrookVit më parë

    JHON.....I have 1 question for you. Knowing about the Larry Nassar case, would you allow your daughter, wife, sister, be his patient? If you say yes....I argue that you are just defending a comment that you no longer believe in.

  97. nesnupe

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    Taking them seriously and believing them are not the same thing.

  98. Pfsif

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    Lots of people LOVE to be victims, they're called Narcissists. A lot of those girls seem to have an agenda.

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    Super cool to see you share this, Gracie your the best.

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    I think that when speaking of un convicted offenders is that they can teach children or even adults that abuse is ok. We all have cell phones with cameras so by taking video of behavior that ‘’ is acceptable ‘’ especially in public schools and sharing it with a police representative is very important.

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    "Respect, but don't idolize to the point where they can do no wrong."

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    Super glad you addressed the the black belts under your uncle. Gotta keep it real even when it's not easy.

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