We handcuff ourselves to each for 24 hours...
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  1. Shuble Tremain

    Shuble Tremain3 ditë më parë

    W E R E D O E S I T G O

  2. ILoveAlbert Flamingo

    ILoveAlbert Flamingo4 ditë më parë

    Ethan:This bag of bricks Grayson:Time to wake this bag of bricks up You can tell they are twins Edit:OMG MY COMMENT IS HIGHLIGHTED TYSM ETHAN AND GRAYSON!!!

  3. dolans x chambiie

    dolans x chambiie4 ditë më parë

    ethan and grayson annoying the pilates instructor is the best thing ever

  4. dolans x chambiie

    dolans x chambiie4 ditë më parë

    i have choir practice but i’m skipping bc i binge their vids :)

  5. Katie Smith

    Katie Smith4 ditë më parë

    this was the first video of theirs i watched when i was subscribed i cant believe its been a year i live you guys thank you for saving my life and keeping me almost 5 months clean of hurting myself, i love you guys more than i love myself🥰

  6. missthangxoxo13

    missthangxoxo135 ditë më parë

    Smh...Grayson looks incredibly delicious in this video🥰😋😛❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗

  7. Emma gibson

    Emma gibson5 ditë më parë

    lmao your hair could be mistaken for a chinchilla

  8. Nikaia Hepi

    Nikaia Hepi5 ditë më parë

    Grayson in pyjamas 🥺

  9. Camilla Snake

    Camilla Snake5 ditë më parë


  10. Charise Rachel Amat

    Charise Rachel Amat3 ditë më parë

    Camilla Snake they used almond milk. I drink the same milk the one Grayson pulled out from the fridge

  11. Cailynn Allebasi

    Cailynn Allebasi5 ditë më parë

    When Ethan fell over and took Grayson with him sent me 😂

  12. Itz Eleid

    Itz Eleid6 ditë më parë


  13. sita patel

    sita patel6 ditë më parë

    ): a yearago 🥺

  14. Charming Ari

    Charming Ari7 ditë më parë

    Grayson: i gotta do something E:what do you gotta do ? Grayson whispers*:i gotta take a shit I died

  15. Chokaj 22

    Chokaj 228 ditë më parë

    7:50 11:14 15:55 flashback to vine 18:40 22:30 26:32

  16. Ashleigh Amber

    Ashleigh Amber8 ditë më parë

    first time watching this video and saw it was filmed one year ago today. Idk why I wasnt subbed way earlier

  17. cashley

    cashley8 ditë më parë

    watching this november 13, 2019 without even realizing it!

  18. Jada Rosser

    Jada Rosser9 ditë më parë

    when grayson woke eathen up i was laughing so hard i in legitament tears like i swear to bob the minion

  19. Shee Khan

    Shee Khan10 ditë më parë

    Why does Ethan sound so different

  20. sydney bottari

    sydney bottari10 ditë më parë


  21. sydney bottari

    sydney bottari10 ditë më parë

    wh-what-wabbdnjdkdkd what we had to do

  22. Angela Compagner

    Angela Compagner11 ditë më parë

    11:22 - 11:30 Im crying, I cant😂😂

  23. anayeli dorantes

    anayeli dorantes13 ditë më parë

    I died at 25:20💀😂

  24. XxGachaPuppyxX 987

    XxGachaPuppyxX 98713 ditë më parë

    Their outro RIP headphone users

  25. amelie dwyer

    amelie dwyer13 ditë më parë

    I would not be complaining one bit if I was handcuffed to either one of the twins periodt.

  26. amelie dwyer

    amelie dwyer13 ditë më parë

    I swear, they can’t do an intro without arguing over something ahaha 😂😂

  27. ayla rizche dela cruz

    ayla rizche dela cruz14 ditë më parë

    Ethan’s “thank you” at 16:49 is so cute 😭❤️


    ALLI KAYE NEALE15 ditë më parë

    9:15 My dream coming true 🛀 Grayson in the shower 👅


    ALLI KAYE NEALE15 ditë më parë

    I swear Grayson is the hottest man to ever exist!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  30. Madisyn Rogers

    Madisyn Rogers18 ditë më parë

    Why do they look so hot with wet hair?!?! November 2019 anyone? No, okay....

  31. Keila Alvarez

    Keila Alvarez18 ditë më parë

    they are literally, a married couple

  32. Layapatata Squad

    Layapatata Squad19 ditë më parë


  33. Mia's life

    Mia's life19 ditë më parë

    grayson why are you not dying your hair? eathan i was drying my chest hair duhhh

  34. Morgan Funk

    Morgan Funk19 ditë më parë

    when ethan looks at the camera after grayson drags him on the floor and goes "good morning everyone" i lOst iT

  35. vibewmia

    vibewmia20 ditë më parë

    Ethan at the beginning is so fineeeeee

  36. Nancy Shi

    Nancy Shi20 ditë më parë

    party city or halloween store handcuffs

  37. lisa kreyling

    lisa kreyling22 ditë më parë

    You should probably stop yelling in your brother's face before you get smacked by your brother ._. if my sister did that to me I would smack her

  38. eriny gobrial

    eriny gobrial22 ditë më parë

    pause at 20:39 auhhhhh your fkin killing me

  39. Maria B

    Maria B22 ditë më parë

    Ethan is mee every morning "nooo" hahaha I love them, I laughed so hard!

  40. Mercedes Hernandez

    Mercedes Hernandez24 ditë më parë

    E: “I guess we don’t have an option, I have to drive cuz I’m on the left side and we’re in america!”

  41. Eryn Thompson

    Eryn Thompson24 ditë më parë

    bro the hot yoga had me crying for like 10 minutes

  42. S Preethi

    S Preethi25 ditë më parë

    Imagine the cameramen said he lost the keys!! lmaoooo


    IHAZ FOXY25 ditë më parë

    Rip Dolan twins ALworks channel

  44. Aesthetic Queen

    Aesthetic Queen26 ditë më parë


  45. Lilah Moscato

    Lilah Moscato28 ditë më parë

    How don't they have a night camera

  46. martina camilo

    martina camilo29 ditë më parë

    who helps them record?

  47. Alexis Monica

    Alexis Monica29 ditë më parë

    i have literally learnt the outro song where they scream and i sing it with them! 🤣🤣❤️

  48. Makayla ꎭ

    Makayla ꎭMuaj më parë

    “you can be mistaken for a chinchilla right now” fucking grayson 🤣❤️

  49. Yulissa Perez

    Yulissa PerezMuaj më parë

    7:50 ethan went : oWOwoWoWowOwOw

  50. Lennia 2601

    Lennia 2601Muaj më parë

    Was I the only one who got anxiety when they did those yoga poses with handstands and all that shit ?

  51. Trisha Sharma

    Trisha SharmaMuaj më parë

    "is that fashion?"

  52. Gracie Waudby

    Gracie WaudbyMuaj më parë

    Them putting their sleeves on at the end is sooooo satisfying.😂😂😂

  53. Nicole Hamons

    Nicole HamonsMuaj më parë


  54. Ammu Khede

    Ammu KhedeMuaj më parë

    How did they switched sides also hands watch 6:33

  55. raider damron

    raider damronMuaj më parë

    That was the funny shit! When you guys fell after the hand stand 😅

  56. Mercedes Hernandez

    Mercedes HernandezMuaj më parë

    G: “Oh this is gonna suck because my arm will be backwards like this cuz I’m on my other arm” E: “or u just face the other way” 🤦‍♀️😂

  57. Jocelin Cedillos

    Jocelin CedillosMuaj më parë

    lol anyone else notice how they couldnt put their one sleeve on cause of the cuffs but in the blooper clip it is on?

  58. Hailey Coetzee

    Hailey CoetzeeMuaj më parë

    2:38 me and my stomach having a coversation be like 😂

  59. Kelly Archer

    Kelly ArcherMuaj më parë


  60. Linda Troxel

    Linda TroxelMuaj më parë

    Hey guys tiara it's me Erica so today I'm about to be handcuffed to my boyfriend's brother Kyle Grayson for 24 hours so let's call Grayson and ask him hey Grayson I know that you're kind of busy but I want to ask you a huge favor do you want to do a challenge with me what kind of challenge I'm in for challenges well it's both of us handcuffed to each other for 24 hours for the whole night in the whole day yeah are you down sure I'll be over in about 20 minutes 5 minutes find one minute give me one minute to get dressed because I'm in school I'm still in bed cool I'll be over in about 1 minute give me time to get dressed and do my hair and put my hair up give me times like 20 minutes to like get my acquisition going do my algebra like I already last night okay buy yes you guys he said yes so I'm going to go pick up Grayson right now I'm here I'm here to I got the handcuffs off of Hobby Lobby for $2,800 these are real handcuffs you guys they are not fake if you guys think that is our fake leave in the comments down below but these aren't handcuffs are not fake. I'll show you that that real when me and Grace and put them on when me and Grayson put them on OK Grayson so Grayson is in a car he's just hurting taking his sweet little time to my Grayson hurry up hurry up hurry up 2 minutes late l okay you guys so Grayson finally is taking his little sweet ass time and I'm not I'm going to leave Grayson here if he does not hurry up because not hurry up I'm a leave I'll do this challenge with somebody else finally after 20 seconds I had to get dressed don't blame me for rushing Erica I'm not okay so I have the camera here and look up with the handcuffs on her hands ready 3 2 1 so what do you want to do first I've been craving Starbucks I haven't had no Starbucks in 2 years wow why what okay so let's go get some Starbucks before we start this day because I love my Starbucks hi can I get a macchiato how can I get a frappuccino Kim okeanos no I want a frappuccino and he wants a macchiato Darby 2019 dollars mm mm mm that's good I love it I love when you talk clean to me

  61. Julie helene

    Julie heleneMuaj më parë

    ethan: good morning everyone.