road trip dad

gonna need you guys to start behaving
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this is footage of your dad on a road trip.
Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


  1. Gus Johnson

    Gus JohnsonVit më parë

    follow me on twitter to help find your real dad @Gusbuckets

  2. Sky The Potato

    Sky The Potato3 ditë më parë


  3. P R O D . J P S M

    P R O D . J P S M11 ditë më parë

    @Triumph Johnny murderer

  4. P R O D . J P S M

    P R O D . J P S M11 ditë më parë


  5. Zoe Suntheimer

    Zoe Suntheimer6 muaj më parë

    But I spent years trying to get away from my dad

  6. A Edwards

    A Edwards6 muaj më parë

    Thanks Gus! My dad bailed on us when I was a baby to go out and bang hookers. Still haven't seen him, but sometimes I see his car waiting on the street corner.

  7. Redpilled Legend

    Redpilled Legend20 orë më parë

    My name is seth and I rarely see comedy skits with my name, and I gotta say it made it much funnier for me 😂😂

  8. Pizza Parker

    Pizza Parker2 ditë më parë

    "I'm looking at like 6 ketchup stains on the seats right now. I'm gonna break your arm" lmaooooo

  9. Wow !

    Wow !2 ditë më parë

    My names seth i really felt this

  10. Rose

    Rose3 ditë më parë

    That end killed me 😂😂😂

  11. Henry Haxby

    Henry Haxby3 ditë më parë

    once me and my sister where behaving so bad that my dad pulled over just to beat our asses. 💀

  12. Khashon Haselrig

    Khashon Haselrig4 ditë më parë


  13. accidental archives

    accidental archives5 ditë më parë

    ixnay on the uttbay

  14. The Game News Hospodka

    The Game News Hospodka5 ditë më parë

    My dad be like

  15. Seth

    Seth6 ditë më parë

    Ha my name is Seth

  16. Alex Pollock

    Alex Pollock10 ditë më parë

    Cutting those hot farts

  17. Noriaki Kakyoin

    Noriaki Kakyoin10 ditë më parë

    My dad is getting milk

  18. HUASHU

    HUASHU11 ditë më parë

    Turn off the lights, it makes it difficult to back up

  19. Sea Snails Platoon

    Sea Snails Platoon12 ditë më parë

    Oh god, I’m the road trip dad. I’m a 22 year old lesbian.

  20. J T

    J T2 ditë më parë

    Sea Snails Platoon fucking love your pfp

  21. Thoroughly Wet

    Thoroughly Wet13 ditë më parë

    "I'm gonna blast you in the ass"

  22. Jimmy parnell

    Jimmy parnell13 ditë më parë

    1:18 I'm gonna blast ya in tha ass!

  23. Salmon Bee

    Salmon Bee15 ditë më parë

    I can smell this video.

  24. angadskate28

    angadskate2816 ditë më parë

    this is so goddamn useless.................. but i love the shit out of them

  25. Someone Mysterious

    Someone Mysterious16 ditë më parë

    My dads better than that i miss him

  26. braden7180

    braden718016 ditë më parë

    Everyone laughs until they're the road trip dad. Then they feel POWER.

  27. sara m

    sara m20 ditë më parë

    attack my dad like this one more time and I’ll turn the light on at night

  28. Invictuss FN

    Invictuss FN20 ditë më parë

    Gus: orders everyone not to eat Also Gus: eats

  29. Seth Yoder

    Seth Yoder21 ditë më parë

    As a Seth who loves fruit snacks and usually is on my iPad during road trips, this was very disturbing because it spoke to me.

  30. QBG

    QBG21 ditë më parë

    If you name your kids Seth and Lucas, there's really no way they won't turn out to be little shits.

  31. Crumch Crumch

    Crumch Crumch22 ditë më parë

    I love how the dad has no mustache and the mom has a mustache

  32. Leithal Meme

    Leithal Meme22 ditë më parë

    the last part is relatable

  33. Davy Jones

    Davy Jones22 ditë më parë

    Road trips are nightmares.

  34. Nightmare Z

    Nightmare Z24 ditë më parë

    Classic parents eating in the car while not allowing their children to do the same

  35. SAMurai

    SAMurai25 ditë më parë

    Aren't "kick in the seat" and "blast in the ass" the same thing if you think about it?

  36. Griffen Halterman

    Griffen Halterman27 ditë më parë

    My dad makes us act more badly because it’s a rental

  37. james gizasson

    james gizassonMuaj më parë

    0:45 Complaining about noise while he's hitting the Bott's dots... I don't know if he did that on purpose, but holy shit that was authentic!! Serious flashbacks :3

  38. Villager Human Rights Council

    Villager Human Rights CouncilMuaj më parë

    My grandpa used to swear in Swedish in the car.

  39. I Like Musicals :P

    I Like Musicals :PMuaj më parë

    My dad wouldn’t apologize he’d just be mad the rest of the month

  40. Roxana Dorigo

    Roxana DorigoMuaj më parë

    I love playing his videos when I'm in the middle of an anxiety attack, it really helps me unfocus from the bad feelings.

  41. Glasses Hurb

    Glasses HurbMuaj më parë

    UH YEAH i sure hope it does

  42. badcornflakevibes

    badcornflakevibesMuaj më parë

    wait you guys are getting apologies from your father?

  43. Kevin Lew

    Kevin LewMuaj më parë

    There was a scene like that on “6 Feet Under.” They veer off the road and die.

  44. D B

    D BMuaj më parë


  45. FrankFckngWest

    FrankFckngWestMuaj më parë

    Mom Gus > Dad Gus

  46. Jiggerjaw

    JiggerjawMuaj më parë

    Wow this is me.

  47. Kate Boyd élève

    Kate Boyd élèveMuaj më parë

    Where’s you get this footage of my dad

  48. Claudine Riley

    Claudine RileyMuaj më parë

    I didn't hear one time; 'if I pull this car over, your getting a spanking!'. I can't remember if my Dad ever pulled over, I guess we knew he would!

  49. Lil Wazowski

    Lil Wazowski2 muaj më parë

    Seth is a bitch

  50. Justin Ward

    Justin Ward2 muaj më parë

    See, my dad would just pull over and get the belt if we didn’t listen. So we listened. And he didn’t ask, he told.

  51. batt3ryac1d

    batt3ryac1d2 muaj më parë

    I'm glad my dad used to buy a bag of lollies and it was our job to give him one every now and then when we looked down from our gameboys lol

  52. Weeb Man

    Weeb Man2 muaj më parë


  53. The last Oreo

    The last Oreo2 muaj më parë

    Who calls they're kid Seth-guy I'm dying

  54. David Pivonka

    David Pivonka2 muaj më parë

    Did he say “button penis” or “butt and penis“?

  55. Pondyx Oj

    Pondyx Oj2 muaj më parë

    my dad

  56. Ryder Spider

    Ryder Spider2 muaj më parë

    this is a lot funnier if you imagine his kids as grown adults

  57. molepurr

    molepurr2 muaj më parë

    My mom

  58. abi dabi

    abi dabi2 muaj më parë

    the use of the word “shit” is very accurate

  59. Tsuchiyomi

    Tsuchiyomi2 muaj më parë

    this takes me back. Good times.

  60. Theo Haar

    Theo Haar2 muaj më parë

    Seth and Lucas are little buggers huh

  61. yeet yeet

    yeet yeet3 muaj më parë

    I would like to relate but the last road trip my dad was on was to go to the store

  62. Ashley Whispers

    Ashley Whispers3 muaj më parë

    I literally a,most died trying to hold my laugh in bc it’s midnight everyone’s asleep but me.

  63. Matthew Sawczyn

    Matthew Sawczyn3 muaj më parë

    Don't make me pull over, guys!

  64. L L

    L L3 muaj më parë

    I just got a Walmart add that seemed to have had attempted, “asmr”, and it was more than uncomfortable.

  65. Brice Cameron

    Brice Cameron3 muaj më parë


  66. Tyler Washell

    Tyler Washell3 muaj më parë

    Dad quit lookin at his button penis

  67. Rebecca Jean

    Rebecca Jean3 muaj më parë

    Thanks for being funny dude