Aaron Rodgers reminded us he's a 'baaaad man' in the Packers' win - Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says Aaron Rodgers reminded us about his greatness in the Green Bay Packers' Week 6 win vs. the Lions, while Max Kellerman places blame on the referees for Detroit's loss.
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  1. vambo13257

    vambo1325718 ditë më parë

    "he's not always a BAD MAN, sometimes he's just BAD!

  2. Psycho Logical

    Psycho Logical28 ditë më parë

    Yea its only been like 3 years since he last reminded us lol

  3. Bryce Dixon

    Bryce DixonMuaj më parë


  4. Damareyon Taylor

    Damareyon TaylorMuaj më parë

    What about 6 total tds 25/31 with 429 passing yards

  5. Peter Kay

    Peter KayMuaj më parë

    Against the worst pass defense in the NFL?

  6. Invader Grimm

    Invader GrimmMuaj më parë

    A week later....Rodgers a baaaaadddd maaaaaan!!! 429 yards. 5 touchdowns, plus the one he ran in. So for all the haters! Smilies face bitc#!!😁😁😁😁😁

  7. Amanda Miescke

    Amanda MiesckeMuaj më parë

    i wonder what hes gonna say about the packers raiders game

  8. Mike Gray-Ehnert

    Mike Gray-EhnertMuaj më parë

    Remember to that there were several hanky calls in the first half that went against GB. Either calls that were made or missed.

  9. Fr Gil

    Fr GilMuaj më parë

    Na we haven't forgot that he's overrated



    how about baaaaaaaaad refs

  11. garyweglarz

    garyweglarzMuaj më parë

    Yeah Stephen A. - but sadly he wasn't the only "baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man" on the field in case you missed it.

  12. Rodney Knox

    Rodney KnoxMuaj më parë

    Reffs got paid AGAIN

  13. Zotic cork

    Zotic corkMuaj më parë

    We had 23 points because all of our receivers were injured broo Fr 😂

  14. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny BravoMuaj më parë

    Aaron Rodgers is definitely one of the greatest ever

  15. Alec Schulz

    Alec SchulzMuaj më parë

    hot take

  16. Cordel Ogan

    Cordel OganMuaj më parë

    If u havnt know it is fake staged etc then go back to spinning ball

  17. Danny Bee

    Danny BeeMuaj më parë

    Aaron Rodgers is over hyped. He is a cry baby he will never be tom brady .

  18. Stone Malone

    Stone MaloneMuaj më parë

    MVP this year for sure...what was the ref's name again! Stephen Asshole!

  19. San Jose

    San JoseMuaj më parë

    ALL that to say it was a squeekie close game and it squeaked on the side of the PACK BABY 🍺😎🍺

  20. Nick Olson

    Nick OlsonMuaj më parë

    Sorry Stephen A but Aaron is an ok QB, if it weren't for the refs the GB Packers would be 3-3 this year.

  21. Angel Cadena

    Angel CadenaMuaj më parë

    it's simple. when u face Rodgers u CANNOT choke n which the lions did lol

  22. Lil Dave

    Lil DaveMuaj më parë

    The guy with the glasses saying a whole bunch of nothing

  23. Huncho Jack

    Huncho JackMuaj më parë

    Salty Lions fans bro 😂😂😂 how about y’all score some TDS instead of field goals

  24. iosuaaevanu Aevanu

    iosuaaevanu AevanuMuaj më parë

    ppl still balming the refs but yet lions scored field goals... gotta score touchdowns.. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  25. Shawn Dymond

    Shawn DymondMuaj më parë

    Bad man that sucks off the refs

  26. BOOM BRO

    BOOM BROMuaj më parë

    Max shut up please, the Packers are not America’s team how ever u slice it lol they don’t even have 5 rings 😂💀

  27. Anῖmaze 9ØØØ

    Anῖmaze 9ØØØMuaj më parë

    Molly is the type to complain giving head

  28. LunaticVang17

    LunaticVang17Muaj më parë

    Score TD’s it’s that simple if u can’t score too bad u trash lion fans

  29. Hank Xiong

    Hank XiongMuaj më parë

    The refs also gifted the lions Rushing TD that never happened. Take those 7 points back. And tack the 2 calls that led to field goals. Packers still out scored lions

  30. chris tipton

    chris tiptonMuaj më parë

    Can someone please explain what a "BIRFDAY" is? Did I spell that correctly?

  31. Warrick James

    Warrick JamesMuaj më parë

    Refs cheated the Lions

  32. justin billops

    justin billopsMuaj më parë

    My lions got blatantly robbed on national TV I'm glad booger kept it 💯💪

  33. Kelamaty

    KelamatyMuaj më parë

    The Lions put up 58 yards of offense in the second half. Even if they got the ball back, they aren't driving 50 yards with no timeouts.

  34. Santana H.

    Santana H.Muaj më parë

    The Refs get ALL and I mean ALLLLLLLLL of the Credit for that B******* A** Packers Win PERIOD!!!!

  35. Benjamin Cook

    Benjamin CookMuaj më parë

    What about that Lions touchdown that shouldn't have been? The sideline view showed the ball didn't cross the plane. The only camera that showed it did, and barely did, was the skycam which was at an angle. The angle of the camera is the only reason that was a touchdown. Totally different game if not for that.

  36. Chris Thompson

    Chris ThompsonMuaj më parë

    Max’s face between 5:07 and 5:09 killed me 😂

  37. SnoopWillPac Gamer

    SnoopWillPac GamerMuaj më parë

    Questionable Calls.... wat about when we had to face the cowgirls last week we was getting bs calls and still fucking won!!!!!

  38. The RC Podcast

    The RC PodcastMuaj më parë

    Let’s be honest, Aaron was making Aaron like throws on Monday against Detroit. It’s just the receivers we’re having butter fingers and we’re just making the offense look bad. Thank god we have a solid RB Duo & Defense.

  39. Bryan Prime

    Bryan PrimeMuaj më parë

    Does Stephen A swallow a BAAAAD load at night?

  40. Justin Chilcutt

    Justin ChilcuttMuaj më parë

    There talking about missed calls and where talking about calls that where made

  41. Dead Pool

    Dead PoolMuaj më parë

    here's my impression of ESPN Aaron Rodgers LeBron James Dallas cowboys the end

  42. Matt :D

    Matt :DMuaj më parë

    Ever since the Calvin Johnson "no catch" against the Bears the league hasn't been the same....

  43. Skirden

    SkirdenMuaj më parë


  44. Doug Tyree

    Doug TyreeMuaj më parë

    Boycott state farm & their packlerz

  45. Ricardo Carter

    Ricardo CarterMuaj më parë

    Stephan A. Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers is trash and so are you for not stating the facts.

  46. MattnCam0408

    MattnCam0408Muaj më parë

    Sooo ppl mad that refs made 1 bad call even tho it's still 23-22 n GB wins...but Brady wins 5 of 6 rings off the refs n tons of regular season games off the refs n he gets a pass hahaha

  47. Chris William

    Chris WilliamMuaj më parë

    First Take/// what you talking about Willis // I been aking sence 1976 my birthday when is it ever going to stop!!!

  48. rhard007

    rhard007Muaj më parë

    A couple of good throws don't make you a baaad man. Aaron got a lot of help from the 12th man, (the refs) to win that game.

  49. Allen Green

    Allen GreenMuaj më parë

    Someone needs to put a shoe in Max Kellerman’s mouth

  50. Jamiyas Matthews

    Jamiyas MatthewsMuaj më parë

    I love this man😂

  51. Ben Dova

    Ben DovaMuaj më parë

    4:13 This is proof this was the first lions game Max has ever seen.

  52. Ben Dova

    Ben DovaMuaj më parë

    I hate Rodgers so much but at the same time I've never seen a quarterback like him in my life. Him and mahomes. No one else.

  53. Landon Gonzales

    Landon GonzalesMuaj më parë

    Marcus Spears was keeping it a buck at the end

  54. Miguel Jimenez

    Miguel JimenezMuaj më parë

    Reminded us what? That he needs to be bailed out by the refs all the time? Yeah he makes some nice passes but he also get some of the most preferential treatment from refs this side of Tom Brady

  55. KindaCool

    KindaCoolMuaj më parë

    Took away 2 possessions from the lions and gave Rodgers 2 automatic first downs on 3rd down plays. And also a clear pass interference was missed. Lions got clearly robbed

  56. Raven Cade

    Raven CadeMuaj më parë

    Happy belated birthday 🎁 @StephenASmith it’s Libra season.

  57. Raven Cade

    Raven CadeMuaj më parë

    Tell em Stephen A

  58. Bryan Hylok

    Bryan HylokMuaj më parë

    Lions outplayed green bay all game??? what ? the Lions had 81 yds in the 2nd half wake up idiots,

  59. Michael Bacani

    Michael BacaniMuaj më parë

    49ers fan here. Here are my Top QBs. 1. Tom Brady 2. Rodgers 3. Breeze 4. Mahomes 5. Jimmy G 6. Matthew Stafford 7. Matt Ryan

  60. Supamadulaoblongata jr.

    Supamadulaoblongata jr.Muaj më parë

    Steven A, how is your steelers doing?

  61. Dathen Holley

    Dathen HolleyMuaj më parë

    Best thrower of the ball... Rogers make n it look so easy and effortlessly when he throws

  62. mm4forever

    mm4foreverMuaj më parë

    Lol The refs are baaaaaaaaaaad men