Grandma Helps Save Base Jumper Dangling Off Building

A base jumper crashed into the side of a high-rise apartment building in Acapulco, Mexico and was left helplessly dangling. But a sweet grandma came to the rescue. The little old lady can be seen grabbing the base jumper by the hand and helping him safely onto her balcony. She even offers him a glass of water. Back home in Michigan, base jumper Kody Kosloski called his rescuer a "sweetheart" and said he was sorry for scaring her.


  1. Inside Edition

    Inside Edition15 ditë më parë

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  2. Official Central Blocks City

    Official Central Blocks City14 ditë më parë

    Bredda da ludda deeserbs 2 go un de rad carpet.

  3. Your Average Artist

    Your Average Artist16 minuta më parë

    What an idiot.

  4. Bilal Rasuli

    Bilal Rasuli33 minuta më parë

    I know this is off topic but who else thinks clash of clans should add a clock tower to the home base?

  5. Robert R

    Robert ROrë më parë

    Base jumper off BASE ROCKS

  6. Dneil Iz

    Dneil IzOrë më parë

    Does this guy even know of sea breeze?

  7. Resul Baggio

    Resul BaggioOrë më parë

    I have no sympathy for so called daredevils. It's cool and all but you're definitely asking for it. Especially those who walk on those high tower edges and jump around...

  8. Danny

    Danny2 orë më parë

    Your a moron.

  9. Mugen

    Mugen3 orë më parë

    She did Basically nothing but whatever

  10. nik Lin

    nik Lin3 orë më parë

    Probably her only visitor

  11. Esma Music

    Esma Music4 orë më parë

    Is good to have a granny 💖💖💖

  12. Yeahoo

    Yeahoo4 orë më parë

    He's such a stupid

  13. nick

    nick4 orë më parë

    Too bad it wasn't a hot summer girl

  14. Randy Cooper

    Randy Cooper5 orë më parë

    I wished she would have asked if he wanted a sandwhich. That would have been even funnier than asking if he wanted water.

  15. Георгий

    Георгий5 orë më parë


  16. Nick Young

    Nick Young5 orë më parë

    She already baked cookies for this occasion

  17. Eddi Doss

    Eddi Doss6 orë më parë

    i bet she made him a load of food then

  18. AMFX9

    AMFX96 orë më parë

    What a nice grandma 👵

  19. Alex Burns

    Alex Burns6 orë më parë

    The smart ones dont base jump anymore....

  20. TheConorsmithusa

    TheConorsmithusa6 orë më parë

    Lol... "I see you" 0:31 reminds me of scary granny from the mobile phone game Granny. She says that aswell

  21. Purple Strike

    Purple Strike6 orë më parë

    She was thinking "finally my prayers have been answered! Someone to talk to!"

  22. Gladys Zambrano

    Gladys Zambrano7 orë më parë

    Grandma: 🙏🏼 God plz send me a man... God: ok but you must catch him then give him water and he’ll be yours forever...

  23. John Formanczyk

    John Formanczyk7 orë më parë

    "Here let me fix you some sandwiches" - Grandma

  24. Michael H

    Michael H7 orë më parë

    I thought she was going to hit him with the- well let me fix you some sandwiches!

  25. mrsC Mac

    mrsC Mac8 orë më parë

    And now lets talk about that view!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  26. Vaibhav

    Vaibhav13 orë më parë

    So stupid.... Base jumping From a building... What else can u expect

  27. Meteor Man

    Meteor Man13 orë më parë

    I was hoping freddy krueger from dream warriors would show up

  28. Mafiamike

    Mafiamike14 orë më parë

    I think he wants a glass of something a little stronger 😅

  29. Brandon Frisbee

    Brandon Frisbee15 orë më parë

    CEO of no upper body strength to pull yourself up

  30. Franklin H

    Franklin H15 orë më parë

    Such a sweet lady

  31. Ana Meza

    Ana Meza15 orë më parë

    God damn!!! he got lucky

  32. OliVlogger Family

    OliVlogger Family15 orë më parë

    *someone brakes in* Grandma:u want a glass of water

  33. Ella 72

    Ella 7216 orë më parë

    I know he won’t be jumping no more! Thousands of deaths have occurred because this stupid activity!🧐

  34. Daren Shelton

    Daren Shelton16 orë më parë

    I would have kissed her

  35. Preston Thayne

    Preston Thayne16 orë më parë

    “Totally unexpected” yeah okay. He’s right next to a building and walls. That’s why people do this off a bridge so they can’t hit anything.

  36. Ragnarok k

    Ragnarok k16 orë më parë


  37. Ainsley Isbell

    Ainsley Isbell17 orë më parë

    him: literally almost dies her: want a glass of water?

  38. Erik Looter

    Erik Looter17 orë më parë

    Not all heroes wear capes...some might just ask you.."Do you want some glass of WATER"...

  39. Defult

    Defult17 orë më parë

    I could see my life ending if that was me

  40. rich10054

    rich1005417 orë më parë

    Okay now what have we learned today? Probably not safe to jump off the side of a building lmao 😂

  41. LGX GamerPro

    LGX GamerPro17 orë më parë

    She asked him if he wanted a glass of water like that type of thing happend all the time. And like she was a super hero

  42. T Holmes

    T Holmes18 orë më parë

    Rude. She saved your life. The least you could do was take her water.

  43. liam Purvis

    liam Purvis19 orë më parë

    Comments: 1% video 99% the daam water

  44. Kidgoals

    Kidgoals19 orë më parë

    “Do you want a glass of water “

  45. Adventure Time

    Adventure Time19 orë më parë

    “You want de nail de acrylic 40 dolla”

  46. Anonymous

    Anonymous20 orë më parë

    Granny up in here keeping our dangling boi hydrated.

  47. Kolton Howell

    Kolton Howell20 orë më parë

    “Do you want a glass of water” 😂😂

  48. j s

    j s21 orë më parë

    At least he knows better than to drink a glass of tap water in Mexico.

  49. Vintage Electronics

    Vintage Electronics21 orë më parë


  50. Shaq Oneil

    Shaq Oneil21 orë më parë

    Should have took the water she jus saved your life

  51. Daniel Day

    Daniel Day22 orë më parë

    There ain’t nothing “unexpected” when you jump off a damn building.

  52. Harry Walker

    Harry Walker22 orë më parë

    Ugh I'd do anything to just hug her! Yassss grandma i want some water please!

  53. QuillsWay ASMR

    QuillsWay ASMR22 orë më parë


  54. OrcasRule x

    OrcasRule x23 orë më parë

    Playing with fire gonna get you burned

  55. Cubed

    Cubed23 orë më parë

    Grandma: literally saves someone’s life Also grandma: Do you want a glass of water?

  56. Captain Chlamidia

    Captain Chlamidia23 orë më parë

    That grandma was like "you look pale let me make you something to eat"

  57. Kwol N.

    Kwol N.23 orë më parë

    And that’s how I met your mother

  58. Joseph He

    Joseph He23 orë më parë

    Do you want a glass of water Yes some ice too

  59. Catzel

    CatzelDitë më parë

    “Do you want a glass of water?” 🥺

  60. Landen Wilson

    Landen WilsonDitë më parë

    I thought the lady was going to push him

  61. §hąřpśhøõțëŕ • 40 years ago (edited)

    §hąřpśhøõțëŕ • 40 years ago (edited)Ditë më parë

    Guy: "I'm ok" Friends: "Yay 👏"