Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® | Multiplayer Beta Trailer

Answer the call and get battle-ready in the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Open Beta. Early access begins September 12 on PS4, other platforms to follow.
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  1. Call of Duty

    Call of Duty10 ditë më parë

    If you pre-ordered a physical PS4 copy, check your email tomorrow for a Beta Code and head to If you pre-ordered a digital PS4 copy, you can pre-load the Beta tomorrow directly from the Playstation Store. More Info:

  2. Fnc

    FncDitë më parë

    add theatre mode pls like in black ops 2 or mw3

  3. OfficiallyDanielCovey

    OfficiallyDanielCovey2 ditë më parë

    First on gaystation

  4. Pablo Abraldes

    Pablo Abraldes4 ditë më parë

    @JOSE CARLOS ESPINOSA its not out yet in Spain

  5. barkusha

    barkusha5 orë më parë

    Кастовцы вперед! Кастовцы вперед! Кастовцы вперед!

  6. slime 15140

    slime 1514012 orë më parë

    The beta is amazing, so beautiful and action packed. Fifteen man killstreaks and weapon customizations

  7. Agente 4721

    Agente 472117 orë më parë


  8. jeremey gamer HD

    jeremey gamer HD23 orë më parë

    When weekend 2

  9. Evan Sawatzky

    Evan SawatzkyDitë më parë

    its not an open beta IF YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT MORONS!!!!!


    CAVON URIARTEDitë më parë

    My kitten saw this vid, now its a fricking lion

  11. Colin McCarthy

    Colin McCarthy2 ditë më parë

    There is a Quad with players on it at 0:20. does this mean that there will be a new Blackout? or is this just for Multiplayer or Spec Ops.

  12. Nibba- Whaaa

    Nibba- Whaaa16 orë më parë

    Colin McCarthy they confirmed I won’t have battle royal

  13. Hikaru

    HikaruDitë më parë

    New 20v20 war mode has tanks, helicopters, APCs and quads

  14. Smart Brains

    Smart Brains2 ditë më parë

    What's with the 1k dislikes?

  15. OfficiallyDanielCovey

    OfficiallyDanielCovey2 ditë më parë


  16. The LastGrayGhost

    The LastGrayGhost2 ditë më parë

    Was that Nokk from rainbow 6?

  17. MMA Panda

    MMA Panda2 ditë më parë

    Can you remove the Nuke it ruins the game. Someone gets the the Nuke and the game is over!?!

  18. forever 100

    forever 1002 ditë më parë

    Dis game finna be a beast

  19. Athul raj

    Athul raj2 ditë më parë

    Battlefield: surprised pikachu face

  20. Tony Blase

    Tony Blase3 ditë më parë

    has very bad graphics. compared to today's game.

  21. Levitius Cornwall

    Levitius Cornwall2 ditë më parë

    Its the Problem of the ps4.

  22. Jay Incognito

    Jay Incognito3 ditë më parë

    This has actually freaking been incredibly fun and addicting to play so far. Can't wait for Ground War!!

  23. Московская Евреюга

    Московская Евреюга3 ditë më parë

    It’s multiplayer, no single play! 😔

  24. Oscar Matías Cáceres Gómez

    Oscar Matías Cáceres Gómez3 ditë më parë

    Like si esperan el call of duty Mobile ,pero no lo lanza y ya te aburriste de esperar por lo tanto no lo piensas jugar

  25. HOLY NUT

    HOLY NUT3 ditë më parë

    This Call of Duty ain’t authentic until I have death threats to my family and kids threatening to boot me offline.......

  26. William Wykoff

    William Wykoff21 orë më parë

    Like the old days, ah classic

  27. BazBazowski

    BazBazowski3 ditë më parë

    small maps make something bigger guys and gameplay shoting in qq is crazy

  28. Bobbie Koppejan

    Bobbie Koppejan3 ditë më parë

    Did anyone else only get pine while playing 2v2 this weekend?

  29. Jairo Gonzalez

    Jairo Gonzalez18 orë më parë

    Ew you play this?

  30. Steve

    Steve3 ditë më parë

    Is this as system intense on your PC as BF5 ? Not looking to spend $100 bucks and not be able to run it.

  31. Angel Esquerra

    Angel Esquerra3 ditë më parë

    Song name?


    KING KLIPS3 ditë më parë

    Buff Ghost.

  33. Arx

    Arx3 ditë më parë

    Anyone know the name of this song?

  34. Warfighter life

    Warfighter life3 ditë më parë

    Everyone on console with 500 gigabytes of storage which game you deleting to make space for this one?

  35. Levitius Cornwall

    Levitius Cornwall2 ditë më parë


  36. The BountyHunter

    The BountyHunter3 ditë më parë

    NØKK crossing into COD 🤔

  37. Lukey LOO

    Lukey LOO3 ditë më parë

    50,000 people use to live here, now it's a ghost town

  38. xPurge-TiME x

    xPurge-TiME x3 ditë më parë

    I’m position #4 on the PS4 all time career leaderboards on WW2 Add me! Psn: xPuRGE-TiMEx

  39. itsyaboi matt

    itsyaboi matt3 ditë më parë

    Just give us a campaign trailer.

  40. Don’t Hug Me. I’m A Gangsta

    Don’t Hug Me. I’m A Gangsta3 ditë më parë

    Just cancelled pre order for battlefield camp 6


    LITTLEBEAST_O3 ditë më parë

    Need a server in middle east asia... freakin lose gun fight everytime..

  42. Cameron Garcia

    Cameron Garcia3 ditë më parë

    Buff mp7

  43. swamp fox

    swamp fox4 ditë më parë

    Had a great time playing the beta this past weekend! Thanks for bringing strategy, critical thinking, and a tactical feel to COD!

  44. Stephen Fox

    Stephen Fox4 ditë më parë

    89 per cent of xbox users will bay playing on he base xbox at 20 fps lol . Only 6 percent bought a one x lol

  45. FuriousDiffusor TV

    FuriousDiffusor TV4 ditë më parë

  46. exsrs3

    exsrs34 ditë më parë

    Кто из Кастовии?

  47. maddog 1043

    maddog 10434 ditë më parë

    I just can't stop watching this

  48. Smellzke 209

    Smellzke 2094 ditë më parë

    Get real men to make a war game and not snowflakes you might have a chance

  49. Михаил Кычанов

    Михаил Кычанов4 ditë më parë

    please make more HP, and the cards would have been smaller in mode 6 by 6. On a helicopter more than kills, at least 15. And then a big advantage towards campers

  50. Mr. Potatoes Head

    Mr. Potatoes Head4 ditë më parë

    Going to play this with my 5 year old sons. I'm 22, been playing since I was 8.

  51. Mr. Potatoes Head

    Mr. Potatoes Head4 ditë më parë

    I farted so loud after watching this


    KING VEGETA4 ditë më parë


  53. Yoda Gaming

    Yoda Gaming4 ditë më parë

    Time to reunite with the boys that logged off 4 years ago.

  54. Cyber Flame

    Cyber Flame4 ditë më parë

    Who are those hooded guys?

  55. MARTIN

    MARTIN4 ditë më parë


  56. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 14 ditë më parë

    Hey can we get the Chain SAW from Call of Duty Ghost in the new Modern Wafare, please and thanks.

  57. PsycheCell88

    PsycheCell884 ditë më parë

    Is anyone else turning in their Xbox 1 for ps4 to play the free open beta?

  58. Habibii

    Habibii4 ditë më parë

    Call of duty is back

  59. KrakenZs

    KrakenZs4 ditë më parë

    COD Forever🔥

  60. • Ariel128_5 •

    • Ariel128_5 •4 ditë më parë


  61. Mister Bubbel

    Mister Bubbel4 ditë më parë

    Supply drops already got leaked and I’m already upset about it yet I can’t say I’m surprised.

  62. TinyTurtl3 GD

    TinyTurtl3 GD4 ditë më parë

    I got it :D

  63. Agent Andrew Milton Pinkerton detective Agency

    Agent Andrew Milton Pinkerton detective Agency4 ditë më parë

    i want to beat this on platinum but in order to do so make it only sp trophys

  64. Raul Iniesta

    Raul Iniesta4 ditë më parë

    I wont preorder. In the end it wont be finished...

  65. Твоя Мама

    Твоя Мама4 ditë më parë

    Кто русский?)))

  66. xBlack -_-PR

    xBlack -_-PR4 ditë më parë

    How i get my money back ? This game is like Ghosts. But more bad

  67. Blasted

    Blasted4 ditë më parë

    xBlack -_-PR preach

  68. Bumbling hero

    Bumbling hero4 ditë më parë

    Song: TheUnder Ride Or Die

  69. Tony Larieux

    Tony Larieux4 ditë më parë

    excuse me the name of the song please

  70. Christian

    Christian4 ditë më parë

    If the mini map is back on I'm not buying you need to keep off so its breaks even for Everyone. Right now you just want to keep the Mini map Cry Babies happy but how about everyone else. You guys aren't thinking. You guys think you have so many people in every game mode and like it doesn't take so long to join a game you like . You changed it I'm not buying it I'm sure I wont be the only one.