ADAM SANDLER Gave ME A Standing Ovation!

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  1. Fariko Budder

    Fariko Budder11 orë më parë

    Actually when i get my new computer up and running im doing nothing but charity streams on twitch and youtube. And its to charities people pick

  2. Alex Karsten

    Alex Karsten11 orë më parë

    "we're all in this ball together" -Miniladd

  3. Blacktrick Games

    Blacktrick GamesDitë më parë

    Damn Craig be lookin t h I c c

  4. Briant A. Gil

    Briant A. GilDitë më parë

    You pay for other people?

  5. travelinthrutheinfinity

    travelinthrutheinfinity3 ditë më parë

    My name legally on my birth certificate is Cameron Boyce🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. Edward Myers

    Edward Myers3 ditë më parë

    When tf did this happenenenenene

  7. Matthew Armes

    Matthew Armes5 ditë më parë

    1.1K dislikes. DISGOSTING

  8. Joeman 5504

    Joeman 550412 ditë më parë

    Did anyone else cry while watching this or just me?

  9. Trash Bag

    Trash Bag14 ditë më parë

    You look so 👌👌👌👌 in that suit

  10. Lucas Johnston

    Lucas Johnston16 ditë më parë

    This vid made me tear up

  11. CC

    CC21 ditë më parë

    Adam sandler is cool

  12. term117

    term11724 ditë më parë

    His hat isn't right..... Pike if you see it

  13. TheMock5000

    TheMock500029 ditë më parë

    I can tell you, I would be sitting down.

  14. Deshawn Dawes

    Deshawn DawesMuaj më parë

    Bruh you content sucks

  15. Israel Ruiz

    Israel RuizMuaj më parë

    Honestly bro I'ma use you for my project you are truly inspiring and its super cool on how you are doing this and helping people so I hope my school is alright with you🤣

  16. Paycheck

    PaycheckMuaj më parë

    (*Callmecarson minecraft monday clip*)

  17. nsadm_Bear Mann

    nsadm_Bear MannMuaj më parë

    Mini won

  18. Black Knight

    Black KnightMuaj më parë

    Just why man

  19. x EnZo ii

    x EnZo iiMuaj më parë

    If Adam sandler gave me an applause think I’d cry

  20. Trayce Baird

    Trayce BairdMuaj më parë


  21. Bray Hafer

    Bray HaferMuaj më parë

    Well this is just great, now I have gynecologist on my browser history... thanks Mini😒

  22. April Davis

    April DavisMuaj më parë

    Memestream 30 plz Craig.

  23. Teresa Campos-Melchor

    Teresa Campos-MelchorMuaj më parë

    If I were there and were your age I would be like this emoji 🥳🕶🤩🍾🎉🍾🍾🍾🍾 Me right now be this emoji 🤨😫😫 My sisters this emoji 😀🙂🙃

  24. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph JoestarMuaj më parë


  25. Zees_T_Games

    Zees_T_GamesMuaj më parë

    That speech was wholesome

  26. Sachin Gt

    Sachin GtMuaj më parë

    3:30 I am from Singapore 😃

  27. Thomas Forsyth

    Thomas ForsythMuaj më parë

    Mans went to Africa and never visited me.

  28. Lucifer

    LuciferMuaj më parë

    Everytime i see him achieve big things like this it inspires me to do better in life and achieve more throughout my time on earth

  29. Mathew Chaplin

    Mathew ChaplinMuaj më parë

    Minad hands down greatest ALworksr

  30. Connor Kastner

    Connor Kastner2 muaj më parë

    When will mini ladd quit sucking his own dick

  31. Stealthy Boi

    Stealthy Boi2 muaj më parë

    When all those people were talking about mini it sounded like he died or something.

  32. Chase Kerr

    Chase Kerr2 muaj më parë

    Good for you mini I’m so happy for you!!!

  33. Avexay

    Avexay2 muaj më parë

    is it just me, or did Craig got fatter?

  34. Dan Hinchliffe

    Dan Hinchliffe2 muaj më parë

    Put an RGB bulb behind it and thank me later

  35. Golden_viper _2005

    Golden_viper _20052 muaj më parë

    Who else agrees that r/wholesome should have all of Craig's preaches

  36. killerpree1

    killerpree12 muaj më parë

    Pog champ

  37. Crusher the god

    Crusher the god2 muaj më parë


  38. Laurie Mc

    Laurie Mc2 muaj më parë


  39. Zach Lau

    Zach Lau2 muaj më parë

    I live in singapore

  40. Myron Whiting

    Myron Whiting2 muaj më parë

    Weirdest looking guy

  41. Wolfboi Gamer

    Wolfboi Gamer2 muaj më parë

    I think this is one of his first videos he hasn't sweared

  42. IonDerelizor

    IonDerelizor2 muaj më parë

    Congrats Mini!! You are an amazing and kind soul who definitely deserves such an amazing award :D


    DAULTON CUTLIP2 muaj më parë

    close to being president for 2020

  44. Hannah's mental health help

    Hannah's mental health help2 muaj më parë

    This video made me cry, I'm so happy to be part of minis community, you all are so amazing so are you mini

  45. Sebastian D -T

    Sebastian D -T2 muaj më parë

    imagine disliking this video

  46. MrCARROT2

    MrCARROT23 muaj më parë

    im pwoud

  47. That Playlist Guy

    That Playlist Guy3 muaj më parë

    10:39 ROFL

  48. Aussie Dreamer

    Aussie Dreamer3 muaj më parë

    She was looking kind of dumb with her finger in her bum

  49. Frantic Zombie

    Frantic Zombie3 muaj më parë

    Look at that! All it took was you to talk shit about ya friends ain’t that something...

  50. robbie stewart

    robbie stewart3 muaj më parë

    28th is my birthday !!!!!!!|

  51. Zv 5A

    Zv 5A3 muaj më parë

    My favorite actor respect ✊🏻 man

  52. knightwulf

    knightwulf3 muaj më parë

    we love you mini ladd

  53. GodzD3m0n

    GodzD3m0n3 muaj më parë

    T o m m m m

  54. ImMad

    ImMad3 muaj më parë

    Yooooo wtf

  55. Doctor Phoebus

    Doctor Phoebus3 muaj më parë

    Congrats on your award Craig!

  56. Kao Cen Darach

    Kao Cen Darach3 muaj më parë

    Awwww my god Cameron boyces name is on it

  57. some one

    some one3 muaj më parë

    Craig: wins award Also craig: sbeve

  58. Rotten Chungus

    Rotten Chungus3 muaj më parë


  59. Royal Yeeter

    Royal Yeeter3 muaj më parë

    Wish you came to cape town as well to say hi 😂

  60. Misterjjay 69

    Misterjjay 693 muaj më parë

    I would have shit myself