Bakugo: POWER vs HEART (My Hero Academia)

Since My Hero Academia is back for it's 4th Season, I thought it fitting to start talking about some of their characters. Bakugo is one of my favourites and he's a perfect fit for The Anatomy of Anime series I'm making! Sit back and relax as I explain what makes Katsuki Bakugo tick!
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    Don't forget to leave a like or dislike :) Really helps! You all are awesome!!

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    Dislike is not an option

  3. Psycho Pass

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    Link I mean, he was only using an uncontrolled 8% of his power. (Izuku) If he could control that 8% last time they fought, Midoriya would’ve probably won.

  4. Psycho Pass

    Psycho Pass10 ditë më parë

    Totally Not Mark Yeah, Bakugo wants a full-out fight and yet the last fight with Deku was only 8% of midoriya’s power and he just got it, so he can’t control it yet. (now he can control it to 20% though, but still, Midoriya really hasn’t given Bakugo everything he’s got at all.

  5. The ramble man

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    that napalm man remix sounds cool

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    Totally Not Mark if you’re not first you’re last -Ricky Bobby

  7. Lord Kirby

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    I loved all the song choices, bomb mans theme, “redial” from bomberman, and napalm mans theme (another explosion themed robot master)

  8. Cuppiecake Zombie

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    I'd love to see more analyses of BNHA characters bc they're all so, so good. Well, the ones who get more than a bit of screentime, that is. BNHA is genuinely my favorite thing right now

  9. Team DC

    Team DC3 ditë më parë

    I still don’t like him


    TELEKINETICxBOLT3 ditë më parë

    bakugo is a shitty character guys get over it

  11. Gay Stupid Man Does Bad Makeup

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    Do a video on Midoriya!!!

  12. TheRichmaster

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    I agree with a lot of this analysis

  13. Ezio Auditore

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    Brotha please so All Might!! :D

  14. holy water

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    i guess im the only one who can confidently say i liked bakugo a lot from the very beginning lmao

  15. Michael O'Dempsey

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    I've always felt that Bakugo doesn't have a superiority complex, but inferiority instead. The praise built a self-identity as exceptional, but his self confidence is fragile which is why his face "asked for help" in Deku's words, and why he felt so threatened by it.

  16. Mud Fox

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    4:40 the irony is unbearable please stop >M

  17. Whatever AJ

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    I thinks he’s a great character, but I personally don’t like him as a person (if that makes any sense). I feel like I won’t like him until he, at least, acknowledges how he treated Deku and other “extras” was wrong.

  18. Nesano

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    oi. OI. *OIIIIIII*

  19. Omni Levven

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    Too bad he dies

  20. Ronisha Stroud

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    When did bakugo say that deku surpassed him? Because that last fight they had he lost and told him that he still has a lot he needs to work on to be stronger.

  21. Ronisha Stroud

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    @Raven Gray Holly cow. I can't believe it deku wins even when he loses.

  22. Raven Gray

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    During their fight in season 3, episode 23 (?) Bakugo mutters ‘you passed me’ while they are fighting.

  23. Clara Catlady

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    I think whenever someone asks me in the future why I (and so many others) love Bakugou, I will send them this video.

  24. s a u n i v e r s e

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    Bakugo is a bad character and will go nowhere in mangq

  25. Chinenye Gabrielle Brown

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    Mark: we despised Bakugou in the beginning... Me: speak for your self

  26. Just a Pilot

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    I strongly disagree with something, I think Bakugo didn't tell Deku to stay away when he was being captured by the league of villains because of his pride. I believe it was the one time when he was selfless and realized how dangerous it would be for Deku to try to save him.

  27. Estefan Olivares

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    Oh God, how did bakugo's parents do it if friction could cause his sweat to explode

  28. Wiiplayah43

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    Bakugo has an inferiority complex, not superiority. If he had a superiority complex, he wouldn't have been so bothered & hung up about the time Deku offered to help him up when they were kids, and he would conjure up some kind of convenient rationalization for every time he loses at something or is offered help. Long story short, he's convinced himself that if he doesn't live up to the ubiquitous, massive praise he's received since childhood, then he's utterly worthless. That's why he's so defensive & easily offended.

  29. Rory

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    I hate how relatable he is to me.

  30. joek money

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    Deku is like the Asian version of spider man or captain America. Wow baka is like the Asian version of iron man lol.

  31. Scottie Currie

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    I would actually really like to see a video comparing Bakugou and Endeavor. They're essentially the same character. Two hot headed heroes who did everything they could to be the strongest and failed in the end, having the man they sought to overtake stripped from them and their lives. However, it feels like we're watching their stories going in opposite directions. With Bakugou, we saw him struggle to become strong physically and then have his dream shattered. With Endeavor, we saw his dream shattered and then struggle to become strong among his broken family. We know Endeavor is what Bakugou would have become if Deku had never helped him out of his mental rut, but we have no idea why Endeavor wants to be the strongest. In this arc, I wonder if they're going to give us Endeavors backstory and turn him from a reforming heartless monster that we saw him as into a tragic nonselfreflective hypocrite. There's only growth from here on out and I cant wait to see how these two grow

  32. PSiBRi

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    You’ve choosen the best pictures of Bakugo

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    I love your channel bro! God damn great content.

  34. MattMatrixJohnson

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    Am I tripping? Bakugo never admitted mid Oriya was better... midoriya ain’t better yet

  35. Anixibis wuefjbwerfef

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    Do more of these from MHA I feel like you could make a lot of good analysis vids about MHA.

  36. 13Wayz

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    this video made me start watching "My Hero"

  37. zombehmaster

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    Bakugo aka the Vegeta we Deserve


    YULAXXY14 ditë më parë

    His development in the manga is phenomenal

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    Yo shout out for the Bomberman Hero music. You a real one!

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    name of the last music?????

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    Damn that oi oi oi part made me pregnant

  42. Enya Lim

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    Preach! *holds up glass* Here's to further development of Bakugou in the movie!

  43. Enya Lim

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    Everytime u used the "heaven" song for All Might I crack up hard

  44. Robert Williams

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    "A win that isn't earned isn't a win."

  45. Pantherlily

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    Thing is, I dont think when Bakugou told Midorya to stay away when he got captured was due to his pride. I think it was due to the severity of the situation. He didn't sound angry when he said it, he sounded scared.

  46. Pantherlily

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    .....Not only did Bakugou get number one on the entrance exams but KIRISHIMA GOT NUMBER 2!

  47. Odalis

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    I binged read and watched the show and him completely melting down and almost having a panic attack after Deku winning kinda clicked for me that he wasn’t okay I still didn’t like him but as he started GETTING there, he slowly grew on me. He’s a good character to kinda hate and home growing just makes me rub my little gremlin hands and just want to see where this guy goes